How To Amplify Volume Sound In Online Videos (YouTube/Facebook/NetFilix/TikTok)?

This guide will assist you amplify volume or sound in online videos like YouTube, Facebook, NetFlix and other videos.

We are making this guide on a Windows 11 laptop. You can follow this tutorial for all web browsers, Windows 10, Windows 8 and Windows 7 as well.

Reasons Behind The Low-Volume Problem?

The low volume or low sound problem could be caused by three main factors. It could be a problem with the video you’re watching on YouTube, Facebook, or any other website.

YouTube and other video-sharing sites have a large number of videos with the low volume problem.

As well as Videos digitised from VHS tapes tend to have low volume problems. This error could also be caused by a low-quality or misconfigured microphone.

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Use Volume Booster Extensions/Add-Ons To Amplify Sound In Online Videos

If you are absolutely sure that the problem is only with a specific video, You can use a browser extension or Add-on to amplify the sound of any YouTube, Facebook or other online videos.

We are not going to recommend using any particular extensions or Add-ons. There are plenty of volume booster extensions or Add-ons available on Chrome Web Store, FireFox Add-on store, and Microsoft Edge Add-ons.

You need to check three things before you install a volume booster or sound amplifier in your web browser. Look at users rating and number of active users.

As well as, You can choose the effective volume booster by reading reviews.

Install Device Drivers For Sound Card

If this problem is with both offline and online videos, It is possible that your copy of Windows is missing audio drivers. The volume and sound quality will improve once you install audio drivers, and your sound card will start performing at its best.

We have several guides on device drivers. One of them is this guide on downloading and installing sound card drivers.

What To Do If Nothing Works?

If installing audio drivers and volume booster extensions does not help you boost the volume, You will have to buy external speakers. Desktop PC users can upgrade the sound card.

Suggested – Fix NoxPlayer Your Graphics Card Driver Is Outdated In Windows

Final Words

We hope this guide helps you get rid of the low-volume problem and you have managed to amplify sound in your web browser.

You can ask for any help, If we have skipped to cover any crucial points. Leave your questions, suggestions and feedback.


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