How To Unlock Anvi Folder Locker If Password Forgotten In Windows 10/7/8? ★Password Removal Guide

This tutorial will help users of Anvi Folder Locker remove password from protected files and folders. Though This tutorial is being made on a Windows 7 machine But the process is pretty same for Windows 8 and Windows 10 users.

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What Is The Problem With Anvi Folder Locker?

People behind Anvi Folder Locker has abandoned it and It is still available on the internet and being used. There are two major disadvantages of using Anvi Folder Locker.

Anvi Folder Locker is not updated at all. The second disadvantage is for those Who are not good at remembering passwords. There is no active support team to help you reset forgotten passwords and unlock protected folders and files.

Although Anvi Folder Locker can forcefully be uninstalled without master password via any third party Uninstaller software. But You can still not access or open password protected files and folders.

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Use Safe Mode To Remove Anvi Folder Locker Protection

Starting Windows in safe mode can help you unblock protected folders and files. Anvi Folder Locker protection does not work in safe mode.

After booting in safe mode, All you need to do is copy protected files and folders and then restart your PC for normal boot. It will remove protection.

Move only works for protected folders not for protected files. You can cut paste files from protected folders. You will have to copy protected files to remove Anvi Folder Locker protection.

How To Boot Windows 10/8/7 In Safe Mode?

To boot Windows 10, 7 or Windows 8 in safe mode, Go to start menu and search for System Configuration.

Click System Configuration to open this Windows utility.

There are 5 tabs. Click on Boot tab.

As you can see, We have installed 3 operating systems. You may choose anyone to boot in safe mode. As Our main objective is removing protection If you have more than one operating systems.

Otherwise highlight the current OS, If You want to choose installed OS You are using right now.

Tick-mark safe mode and leave everything default.

Click OK to save settings and exit.

Click Restart to boot in safe mode.

Highlight the operating system We’ve chosen for safe mode and hit enter.

Copy Protected Files/Folders To Remove Protection

You can now open password protected files without entering passwords. You can copy files to permanently remove password protection.

In addition to password protected items, Safe mode un-hides hidden files and folders as well. You just need to copy hidden files and folders to remove hide and lock protection method.

How To Exit Safe Mode?

Open System Configuration once again.

Click Boot tab.

Un-check safe mode and click OK to save settings and exit.

Click Restart to boot in normal mode.

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Final Words

Team Soft Suggester & Simple Tutorials hope This video tutorial helps you get rid of password protection from files and folders. This is the only way We found effective. Please do share If you know about any other way to remove Anvi Folder Locker protection. The comment section can be used for questions, suggestions and feedback.



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