How To Uninstall AVG Internet Security From Windows 10/7/8 With Leftovers?

In this tutorial, We will show How to uninstall AVG Internet Security after the free trial is over or due to any other reasons?

Why We Should Not Use Programs & Feature For AVG Internet Security Removal?

Windows built-in software uninstaller utility can uninstall AVG Internet Security. But the problem is that Windows software uninstaller utility does not wipe out leftovers or junk files.

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Why Getting Rid Of Leftovers Is Important?

Leftovers not only occupy disk space but also cause slow down a Windows-powered PC speed and performance.

To completely get rid of leftovers of uninstalled programs, We need to use a third-party software uninstaller utility.

Use Soft Organizer Instead Of Programs & Features

There are plenty of free and paid uninstallation programs available on the market and you may use any for this purpose.

We are going to use Soft Organizer for AVG Internet Security uninstallation.

Download Soft Organizer

Click here to download Soft Organizer and install.

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How To Use Soft Organizer To Uninstall AVG Internet Security?

After the installation is complete, Open up Soft Organizer.

Locate and highlight AVG Internet Security.

Click uninstall the application and wait for few seconds.

Click uninstall.

AVG Internet Security does not let record this part. You may be asked to choose Yes, or No. Click Yes to uninstall.

It’s now uninstalling. Please wait for 30 to 60 seconds.

AVG Internet Security is now disabled and Windows Defender will automatically be turned on after a restart.

AVG Internet Security deletion process needs a restart to delete in-use files. Click on restart later. Soft Organizer will take care of the rest of the process.

Click search to start searching for uninstalled application’s traces left in the system and wait for 10 to 30 seconds.

Click Remove to get rid of leftovers.

The uninstallation process is complete.

AVG Online Security Extension/Add-On From Chrome And Other Web Browsers?

You now need to remove the AVG Online Security extension or add-on from Google Chrome and other web browsers.

To remove it from Google Chrome, Go to Chrome settings by clicking on the three horizontal dots icon.

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Go down and hover your cursor over more tools and then click on extensions.

To swiftly find this extension, You can search for AVG Online Security via the search box, If you have a huge list of installed extensions.

Click to remove or you may also disable it.

Final Words

We do hope You find this quick tutorial useful to completely uninstall AVG Internet Security with leftovers.

If you run into any issues, please use the comment section to contact us. We will try our best to help you.

The comment section can also be used for feedback, suggestions, and questions.


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