How To Use AVS Video Converter Tutorial Convert/Edit/Burn Videos?

In today’s video, I’m going to introduce to you a very popular software containing a  video converter, video editor and DVD creator called AVS video converter. I’ll try to cover all features of AVS video converter in today’s AVS video converter tutorial. For example,

How to use AVS video converter to add subtitles to videos?

How to use AVS video converter to burn DVD?

How to use AVS video converter to burn DVD without converting?

How to use AVS video converter to DVD to MP4?

How to use AVS video converter to extract audio from videos?

How to use AVS video converter to convert a MKV video to MP4 format?

and many other things.

AVS video converter is designed for Windows users and is a paid piece of software, But you can give it a test drive by downloading its free trial with some limitations. The installation process is very easy and free of any toolbar and additional software.

Now, Let’s begin with the user interface. After installation, You’ll find a very elegant, straightforward, easy to use and truly user friendly interface except a few things.

On the top upper part of the AVS video converter, There are four buttons or tabs.

File menu to add and remove videos to be converted.

Output profiles are categorized into three categories. You can find your preferred output profile under formats, devices and the web. For an example, If you have an Apple iPhone, all you need to do is select Apple from device category. Now you have an appropriate output profile with perfect settings. You can also go for making further settings.

Choose a format, If you want to convert a video for PC, For example, you can use predefined output profiles with best settings to convert a video to MP4, AVI, MKV and other famous video formats and If you want to upload a video to Facebook, YouTube and other websites then web tab can make things easier for you.

In addition to this, You can find a button to access and use feature rich built in video editor which has much better and advanced video editing features than other this kind of programs.

If you click upon “To DVD”,, Menu button will appear through which you can design elegant DVD disc menus. But before you use, you’ll have to download your preferred  DVD disc menu.

There is a settings button next to Menu through which you can make preferred settings.

Beneath this section, You can import videos to be converted, remove and clear the list.

This button lets you set your preferred output folder where you will find converted videos.

Advanced button helps you make further customizations after choosing an output profile. For example, You can trim down, expand the resolution size, reduce, increase the frame size, change audio, video codecs, add a subtitle to video and split.

I do hope it’s all been helping for you to understand user interface of AVS video converter, Let me convert a video as a demo.

Import a video to be converted.

Since I have an Android phone so I’m going to choose Android as an output profile. as well as Before going to click the convert button, I’ll use advanced option to reduce the file size.

Adding subtitles to videos is a little bit tricky having concealed difficulty. Option to add subtitle file named subpicture appears only when, If Name of video and subtitle file must be same and stored in the same folder as well. Otherwise, you’ll see no such option. And I had to spend half an hour to find out the solution.

You can also use built in video editor If you want to edit videos or apply effects to videos. As well as It lets you apply sound effects. All you need to do is drag any effects using your mouse and drop here. I think I cannot explain furthermore, how things work. Because Rest of the job depends on your need, resourcefulness and talent.

You can also use AVS Video Converter to burn DVD discs. Its built in DVD burner is way too easy to use. AVS Video Converter provides two ways. Number 1. You will have to convert videos and after the conversion process, DVD burner will appear.

And You can also find an option in the contextual menu, If you want to make AVS Video Converter burn dvd without converting. Let me show How? All you need to do is right click on a video which you want to burn to DVD disc and send it to AVS Video Burner and then DVD burner appears.

I would like to put an end to this AVS video converter tutorial by demonstrating How you can make AVS video converter extract audio from videos or in other words, How to convert a video to MP3 audio format. There is no output profile to convert a video to MP3 format, though, But We can use built in video editor to extract audio from videos.

Import your desired video and click on edit icon to access video editor. Now, Mark beginning and end point of video to select the deletion area and you can also mark entire video.

Click Audio export to save into audio format.

At the end, I hope today’s AVS Video Converter video guide has been helpful for you to understand AVS Video Converter’s features and how to use. Although, I’ve tried to cover all features and problems. But If I could not explain anything properly. Please do let me know using the comment section. I’ll try my level best to solve your problems as soon as possible.

Stay tuned and stay blessed. And do not forget to like, share and subscribe.



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