Is Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals Certification Worth Your Time and Money? Take Certbolt Practice Tests to Answer This Question

Microsoft Azure provides businesses with the cloud platform to build apps and manage them with ease. The platform meets the companies’ security and compliance needs and can be customized depending on the specific objectives of the particular organization.

Moreover, the Azure technology enables the professionals to gain outstanding skills so that they can provide services to the businesses. This post will provide the details related to the Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals certification and the Certbolt benefits it offers to the interested candidates.

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What Is Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals Certification?

This Microsoft certificate has have been created to help those individuals who are new to technology and feel the urge to start a career in the cloud computing field.

It is intended for those who have the basic knowledge of Cloud services and understand how these services can be delivered.

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The mandatory requirement for earning the credential is to ace the Microsoft AZ-900 exam. This test costs $99 and carries 40-60 questions. The students will have 60 minutes to complete all the questions designed as case studies, multiple-choice, and review screens.

Other types of questions include the best answer, active screen, short answer, and more. The passing score for the exam is 700 points. This test is available in English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Korean, Spanish, German, and French.

Technology-based certifications are not usually easy to obtain. That is why you should use reliable resources to ensure effective preparation. You can take advantage of the official study materials offered on the Microsoft webpage.

These include the paid instructor-led the course as well as free online learning paths. If you want to know more about the exam structure and its topics, you can also use authentic practice tests that can be found online.

The areas that you need to focus on in your study include Cloud concepts, key Azure services, and security, compliance, privacy, trust, Azure pricing, and Lifecycles.

So, is this certification worth your energy, money, and time? Let’s find out.

Does Microsoft Certify: Azure Fundamentals Certification Suit You?

This Microsoft credential is developed in such a way that anyone even with little experience in Cloud-based solutions can get skills thanks to it. This badge is for you if you fall in any of the categories below:

✪ – Cloud computing is a new concept to you and this would be the first time to interact with it.

✪ – You haven’t yet decided on the direction of your future career and you’d want to try out Cloud computing to see if that is where you should be going.

✪ – You have some idea of Cloud computing but Azure is an entirely new concept to you.

✪ – You’re a systems administrator or architect who would like to move to an Azure-based role.

If any of these statements describe you, then you should make every effort to obtain the Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals certification

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Final Words

The Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals credential is designed to help beginners or those who aspire to change their career paths.

If you’re one of them, then the badge is worth going for. You’ll receive more value compared with the time, effort, and money you spend on it.

Once you get certified, you can proceed to a more advanced certificate. Begin with the fundamentals level badge and continue enhancing your expertise while applying it within the Azure space.


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