Baidu PC Faster Review And How To Use It To Speed Up A Sluggish Windows PC

It would be right to say that a feature-rich PC optimization software is a must have thing for every Microsoft Windows user who don’t want to endure annoying errors, sluggish speed and poor performance. A sluggish PC may make you unproductive.

There are numerous programs with PC optimization tools available in the market, both freeware and paid/premium are available out there. Definitely a paid software to optimize Windows PC offers some advanced features to speed up and fix errors than a freeware PC tuneup program. And this is why, many of Microsoft Windows users don’t use such software because they can’t afford to buy or don’t satisfied with the performance of freeware speed up PC software.

But I found Baidu PC Faster much better than any other such type of freeware programs and After testing it on my personal computer, I am able to say that it is not less in any way than any paid PC optimization software.

Baidu PC Faster by is a fast and reliable piece of software and it is designed to remove junk files, optimize startup times and improve the performance of a Windows machine with minimum efforts. The good thing is that it’s totally free to use for both personal and commercial use.

During the installation process, It did not force me to install unwanted programs and installer did not try to hijack web browsers. I use AVG internet security 2015 and it did not detect anything wrong while installing and using it so far. Definitely it’s a good thing about this software.

This freeware PC optimizer program has a very elegant, easy to use and easy to navigate interface. If you choose and install it, you’ll love its fabulous visually appealing overall looks.

As well as, you will get an abundance of custom skins which can be used to change the overall looks. Developers have packed each tab with beautiful animations and visuals.

On the top, here you can see, there are four tabs respectively, Home, Cleaner, Speed Up, Virus Scan.

We can say Home tab is a quick solution to speed up your PC. It comes handy when you are in a hurry and you don’t have enough time to allow it to scan your computer thoroughly. This tab allows you clean junk/temporary data and unnecessary registry items, RAM memory release and startup boost and you can perform it with two clicks.

Cleaner tab is one of my favorite things in it. On the right hand side, Here you will find four very useful functions.  Privacy cleaner, Plugin cleaner, software cleaner and Large files cleaner.

Privacy cleaner protects your privacy and helps you clean traces of visiting websites, seen videos, used software etc.

Plugin cleaner is indeed a great feature of this speedup program. You must have noticed that sometimes, in your web browsers, many changes are made without your knowledge and consent, such as default search engine is changed in all installed web browsers, you may see adult pop up ads. This happens due to malicious plugins/extensions/add ons/software and so on. Even you don’t notice many malicious plugins/extensions/add ones because they are designed to work in the background. These types of plugins are very dangerous as they may steal your personal/financial information, spy on your online/offline activities etc. Plugin cleaner deeply scans to detect malicious plugins/extensions/add on and eliminate them completely.

During the test, I did not find Software cleaner an impressive feature. You can uninstall programs using Windows default tool.

Large files cleaner helps you clear your hard disk drive of obsolete large files, You can safely delete, such as installers, extracted archives, data logs, and temporary files etc. but pay attention while using Large files cleaner. You may delete important data. Be careful.

Next tab is called Speedup. This feature helps Windows startup faster by disabling unnecessary startup items. The good thing about this feature is that in many other such type of programs, User have no idea which one is crucial for Windows operations and which one I should disable. But it does suggest you which one you can disable and which one is important.

After installing it on my Laptop, It disabled automatically Skype, uTorrent, Google update service, Internet download manager and several other startup applications and I had to start them up manually. I think this is a very good feature for those who know how things work, but not for those, who are Non-Techie and don’t have enough knowledge, How to use Windows? But for me, I am pleased with it.

In addition to its optimization feature, You will also find an antivirus in Baidu PC Faster. Though I am not able to say it an alternative to a full security solution against hackers and their deadly hacking weapons, but I think it can be used as an extra layer of protection.

In this section, there are four scanning options, Full scan, custom scan, internet scan, game scan. You might be wondering, what are internet scan and game scan?

internet scan, it scans your web browser, addons/extensions, internet settings etc and protects you while online surfing

game scan is designed for those who love to play online games. It scans to detect threats and ensure your security in game accounts and properties.

By pressing this button, you can access some additional awesome features, —

for example, Game faster helps you close unnecessary programs and services to get smooth and faster gaming experience. It suggests you which one is safe to close and which one is crucial for Windows operations.

Use as a Hotspot Shield Alternatives

It has a built-in Wifi hotspot which lets you turn your PC into Wifi hotspot. It’s indeed a useful extra thing in it, but it may create problems for those who are not expert in these things or first-time user. When I used it, it disabled my cable router and I had to enable it by digging into settings. But in second attempt after restarting my laptop, It worked very well.

Overall, During my test, Baidu PC Faster worked very well and it helped me clean, optimize and boost my PC with Windows 7 significantly without facing any error, crash and causing any problems. I can say that it is one of the best PC optimization programs for Microsoft Windows users and puts a handful of useful cleaning, PC optimizing and tuning up tools at your disposal. But It has still some shortcomings.


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