4 Best Free Offline HEIC Viewers For Windows 10/11/8/7

The HEIC image viewer has become essential for iPhone, iPod, and iPad users. However, Microsoft Windows does not provide native support for the HEIC image format. Recognizing this issue, we have assembled a collection of four top-notch HEIC image viewers that are not only free but also devoid of any advertisements.

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Image Glass

ImageGlass is a remarkable image viewer that often goes unnoticed despite its impressive features.

What sets it apart is its compatibility with the HEIC format, making it an ideal choice for users who frequently work with such images.

This open-source software boasts a lightweight design, ensuring smooth performance and faster image loading compared to the default Windows Photos app.

Moreover, Image Glass caters to a wide user base by providing a Windows app compatible with various versions, including Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, and even Windows 7.

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One of its most appealing aspects is its commitment to providing an ad-free and secure viewing experience.

For those seeking a reliable, versatile, and user-friendly HEIC image viewer, ImageGlass proves to be an excellent choice.

Download and more info is here

HEIC Image Viewer, Converter

HEIC Image Viewer, Converter is a free and lightweight app specifically developed for Windows 11 and Windows 10 users. Its primary and free function is to view HEIC and other image format images.

Compared to the Windows Photos app, this viewer excels in performance and image loading speed. However, it is not compatible with Windows 8 and Windows 7.

Although the app is free, it also offers a pro version with extra features like image conversion and other features, making it a trial version of the premium edition.

Thus far, users have reported a pleasant experience with no advertisements interrupting their usage of HEIC Image Viewer, Converter.

Additionally, there have been no security warnings raised by antivirus software, ensuring a safe and secure image viewing and conversion process.

Download and more info is here

Picosmos Tools

Picosmos Tools is a versatile and free image viewer application that offers support for the HEIC format as well as a wide range of other image formats.

Notably, it stands out as a lightweight alternative to the Windows Photos app, delivering superior performance and faster image loading.

It is primarily designed for Windows 11 and Windows 10 but can also be utilized on Windows 8 and Windows 7.

In addition to its image viewing capabilities, Picosmos Tools offers various useful functions, including a video recorder and bulk image converter.

During our testing, we observed that Picosmos Tools does not display any ads and did not trigger any security warnings from our antivirus software.

These factors contribute to an overall positive user experience, making Picosmos Tools a reliable and efficient choice for viewing HEIC images on Windows devices.

Download and more info is here


Nomacs is an impressive image viewer application that stands out for its simplicity and extensive features.

One of Nomacs’ notable strengths is its ability to handle various image formats, including the increasingly popular HEIC format. It surpasses the performance of the Windows Photos app, proving to be a lightweight and efficient option for viewing and loading images.

Available for Windows, Linux, and macOS, Nomacs caters to a wide range of users across different operating systems.

At first glance, it appears to be a straightforward tool, but upon further exploration, you discover its true potential.

Alongside its primary function as an image viewer, Nomacs offers additional functionalities.

Users can take advantage of basic editing tools, a slideshow mode for showcasing their images, metadata display for detailed information, image comparison for analysis, and even plugin support for customization.

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During our testing, we observed a pleasant absence of ads in Nomacs, and our antivirus did not raise any security concerns.

Download and more info is here

Final Words

Today’s compiled list features a selection of HEIC image viewers that we tested extensively. Out of over a dozen options, we have identified four noteworthy ones to share with you.

We genuinely hope you find this list both useful and informative. If you are aware of any other commendable HEIC image viewers, we encourage you to share them in the comment section.

Additionally, feel free to utilize the comment section for any questions, valuable suggestions, or feedback you may have.


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