5 Best/Free Screen Sharing Software For Windows 11/10/7/8 Best Video Meetings Software

In this list, We are going to share 5 free and best screen sharing softwares to share or show a computer or smartphone screen to others. Softwares in this list support Microsoft Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

While compiling the list, We tested more than 20 software or services and preferred to share screen-sharing software or services with a maximum number of allowed members to be added in video conferences, video meetings, or group video chats.

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Although This list comprises paid screen sharing software, But, We tried our best not to add software or services with limited-time free trials and limited features.

During the research, Our primary focus was on group video chat with screen sharing, built-in screen recorder and free availability.

Before you get started, We would like to clear up any misconceptions that none of the suggested softwares help you control a computer or mobile device remotely. You can only share or show a computer or smartphone screen to others.

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Microsoft Teams

These days Microsoft Teams is gaining popularity at a rapid base. It would be no exaggeration to say that This Microsoft product has become a first-choice for educational purposes.

This is one of the best available free options for team-work. Microsoft Teams lets you hold more than 100 people in video meetings, video conferences, or video chats.

In addition to its primary features, It comes with screen sharing and call or screen recording features.

In Microsoft Teams, You are allowed to access and collaborate within apps like Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Microsoft Teams is designed for 5 operating systems. It can be used on Microsoft Windows, Mac, Linux, Apple iOS, and Android.

It provides 10 GB of team file storage and 2 GB for free to every Teams users for personal storage.

You need to download and install Microsoft Teams desktop client or Andriod or Apple iOS apps to use this service.

If you don’t want to install its desktop client on your PC, Teams Web app is offered as well to use it inside your web browser.

The maximum group meetings duration limit and other details mentioned on the frequently asked questions page are quite ambiguous. All We could understand is that the Maximum video call or meeting duration is 8 hours.

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Although Zoom is still one of the most used cloud based screen sharing services, But It was a most popular option in early months of Covid 19 pandemic.

Though This is a paid video group meetings with screen sharing service. But People at Zoom offer a free plan in addition to premium plans as well. Free plan is quite useful.

In free plan of Zoom, You are allowed to host more than 100 participants. The free plan lets you host group meetings with 40-minutes duration.

In the free plan of Zoom, You are allowed to do unlimited one on one video meetings with no time duration limit.

As well as, This web based screen sharing software allows local recording feature. You can record video meetings without having to use any additional screen recorder software and phone app.

In a PC, You can use it via a web browser. Your web browser will automatically download a tiny client, when you start, or join your first Zoom meeting.

To use in Android and Apple iOS powered devices, You need to install Zoom app.

More details about Zoom here


Before the Whatsapp, Skype was a very popular VoIP messenger. It was installed nearly on all computer devices with internet connectivity to make text, audio, and video calls or chats.

Skype is now a Microsoft product. It can also be used as a screen sharing software and It’s free to use.

Skype now allows hosting video meetings or conferences with 50 people. On Skype, The call duration limit is 10 hours per day.

You can share a PC or mobile device’s screen for demonstration purposes. Skype supports screen sharing on both desktop and phone devices.

In addition, People behind Skype offer a built-in call recording feature. You don’t need to use an additional software or app to record video meetings.

Skype supports Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and Apple iOS operating systems. If you don’t want to install, the Skype web app is also available to use for desktop devices.

More details about Skype here

Google Meet (formally Google Hangout)

We have also added a Google product to the list of best and free video meetings services with a screen sharing feature.

Google Meet formally known as Google Hangout is another great online service for video group meetings or video conferences.

Google Meet offers both free and paid subscription plans. In Google Meet free plan, 100 participants are allowed to be added in video meetings.

In Google Meet free subscription, the Allowed video meeting duration is 60 minutes in 24 hours.

Google Meet is a cloud-based service. On a computer or laptop, It can be used without having to install any software.

You will have to install Google Meet app to use it on smartphones and Tablet devices. Google Meet supports Android and Apple iOS.

Google Meet also has a built-in video recording utility. You can record video meetings and shared screens without any video recording software. Recorded videos are saved in your Google Drive account.

More details about Google Meet here


Webex is another famous online video meeting service. Webex is one of Cisco’s products. Though This is a paid service, But We consider it worth sharing it with you.

Webex allows you to host up to 100 attendees in video meeting sessions. You can share your screen with attendees as well.

Free users of Webex are allowed to host 50 minutes duration video meetings per day.

Webex also supports video meetings recording. It comes with a built-in video recorder.

If you are a free user of Webex, It saves recorded videos to your local PC or smartphone devices. If you have a premium subscription, You can choose to save recorded videos in the cloud or Webex online storage.

More details about Webex here

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You need to install its desktop client or phone app to host video meetings. This service supports Windows, Mac, Apple iOS, and Android. It can not be used on Linux powered devices.

Final Words

Team SoftSuggester hope today’s compiled list has been informative and useful to you.

If you have used or know about any other useful desktop or screen sharing software, Please do share in the comment section. We will update SoftSuggester post to add your suggested software or service.

The comment section can also be used for precious suggestions, questions, and feedback.


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