3 Best Ways To Convert XLSX To PDF For Windows, macOS, Web Browser Users

There are some people who avoid using Excel or spreadsheet files. Apart from the fact that formulas and modifying them can be complicated, it is challenging to find a solution on how to print them.

Especially when there’s plenty of columns and rows involved, there could be a need for an expert on this software.

With the increasing popularity of pdf files, these Excel files can now be converted into the mentioned file format.

Aside from being easy to print, pdf files can now be read by the majority of smartphones and tablets. If you would like to try this method, here are the best 3 ways on how to convert XLSX to PDF.

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Use An Online PDF Converter Like 2PDF.Com

As mentioned, more and more people are using pdf files. Due to this, there are plenty of online pdf tools available. The best one that supports basic and advanced pdf tools is 2pdf.com.

This online XLSX to PDF converter is user-friendly, and it can be accessed even from mobile devices.

To use this free to use online XLSX to PDF converter, Go to 2pdf.com from any modern web browser of your choice

Choose the ‘Convert PDF’ option.

Choose the XLSX file or drag it to the dedicated box then upload.

The tool will automatically transform the file into PDF, but may take a few seconds for larger files.

An option to compress, edit, or modify is available before downloading the processed file.

Exporting the downloaded file to Google Drive or Dropbox is also available.

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TalkHelper PDF Converter (Only For Microsoft Windows)

An alternative option for converting the XLSX files to PDF is through the TalkHelper PDF Converter.

This third-party desktop application is compatible with Microsoft Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 7.

Download first the software by visiting the official website, then click on the ‘Buy Now’ button. The system will require you to pay first for a user license that costs US$29.95 and can only be paid using PayPal.

Once the software is installed, choose from ‘Convert Files To PDF’ tab the ‘Excel to PDF’ option.

Choose the file to be converted then choose where you would like to save the final file by checking on the ‘Output Folder’ on top.

You now have to click ‘Convert’ button in the lower right.

Please wait for the system to finish processing, If you are converting large files.

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Microsoft Excel (Both For Windows And macOS)

This method might have surprised you, but it is possible.

Launch Microsoft Excel and open your required file you want to convert.

After the file open up, click on ‘File’ from the menu bar. Choose ‘Save &Send’ then ‘Create PDF/XPS Document’.

Once a new set of options appear, click on the ‘Create PDF/XPS option’.

A dialog box will appear where it will ask for the file name you would like to use, and make sure that the ‘Save as type’ is on PDF.

Click on the ‘Publish’ button to complete.

The new PDF file is on the location you chose to save it earlier.

The only downside for this option is that modification for a better layout in PDF is not available.

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Final Words

There could be other ways to convert Excel files to PDF, but these are the 3 easiest ways to make it done. Just like any other files converted to PDF, make sure that the entries are correct as modification of the contents is hard to do with this file format.


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