7 Best Whiteboard Animation Software For Windows And Mac PC

In this article, We are going to share 7 best whiteboard animation software for a Windows and Mac powered PC.

Social media and video sharing websites are the best mediums to promote a service, product, business.

It would have been way much difficult to teach or learn If there were no videos on the internet.

Videos are used by marketers, celebrities, teachers, students, and any other person Who wants to promote or, learn or improve a skill from the internet.

Whiteboard, blackboard, or glass board doodle, scribing, drawing type videos are considered best at drawing people’s attention.

There is a very famous saying that a picture is worth a thousand words and the same goes with these types of videos.

It would not be wrong to say that People hate watching lengthy videos and read long articles.

A 30 seconds, 1, or 2 minutes doodle animation video has the ability to convey a message equivalent to 1000 words.

Doodle scribing animation videos are the most favorite and widely used be YouTube advertisers.

And the best thing is that if you are low on budget and you have some free time, then You can create these types of videos without having to hire a video editor or video animator.

After a lot of research, We have compiled a list of the best and available doodle, scribe, and whiteboard animation softwares. This list contains both offline desktop and online software.

We have decided to split this list into two parts. In the first list, We are going to share desktop programs and in the second list, We will be covering online software.

While compiling the list, Our main focus was on scribing, whiteboard animation, or doodle animation drawing type video maker programs as there are many animation videos making softwares like Adobe After Effect, PowerPoint, and many others.

Is There Any Free Whiteboard Animation Software?

We tried our best to find a free software and the good news is that this list has a free software as well. Except one, All programs can be used on Mac and Windows.

Let’s have a bird’s eye view of the list compiled by Team Soft Suggester.

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1 Explaindio Video Creator

It would be no exaggeration to say that Explaindio Video Creator is ruling the world of whiteboard animation and explainer video maker softwares.

Explaindio is a desktop software. Once It’s activated, You don’t need to be connected to the internet. It can be used offline.

Explaindio Video Creator offers a plenty of features, We don’t find in other programs to make presentations, whiteboard doodle, explainer, and scribe videos.

In the beginning, The user interface and timeline might seem complicated and difficult to use. You need 2 to 3 hours to understand the graphical user interface.

The timeline is divided into two parts, Main timeline, and canvas. The canvas is used to add and modify videos, images, animated slides, text, and other things.

The main timeline is used for further editing and customization. In the timeline section, You can put effects, set time duration, positioning, and other things.

Explaindio Video Creator comes packed with a huge list of multimedia slides. These provided templates or slides are divided into categories.

You don’t need to be an expert to edit or customize provided slides according to your liking and requirements.

In addition to other things, Without the help of an additional video editing software, Green screen videos can be used or edited in Explaindio Video Creator and You can add a background of your choice or put an effect like you are drawing and writing on a video.

Explaindio Video Creator can be used on devices running Microsoft Windows and Mac OS. This software is quite expensive. They charge 37$ for a month.

As well as They offer a 7 days trial of the Explaindio Video Creator for free. All you have to do is connect a PayPal account or any of other supported payment methods to get your free trial.

More details can be found here

2 Doodly

Doodly is a new member of the whiteboard animation video maker program family. Although We could not get a chance to test and use Doodly, But after watching videos and reading text reviews, It seems a useful feature-rich piece of software and worth adding to the list of best whiteboard animation, doodle, scribe, and explainer video making softwares.

Doodly features a drag and drop and truly easy to use interface. This software is very lightweight on system resources.

This drag and drop doodle video creator is packed with a giant collection of SVG images and other elements. They offer a plan in which you get additional elements every month.

The downside we found is that You cannot import or add videos like You can add videos and do green screen videos in Explaindio.

Doodly is another quite expensive software. This software is available priced at 39$ for a month. There is another subscription plan with some additional benefits and It costs 69$ per month.

People at Doodly do not offer a free trial of this doodle video creator. You have to buy a subscription plan to test the software.

The users of Microsoft Windows and Mac OS can use Doodly. You cannot use it on the device running Mac lower than OSX 10.10 version.

More details can be found here

3 VideoMakerFX

VideoMakerFX should top the list of cheap but cool whiteboard animation softwares.

We say this for two reasons, VideoMakerFX is no less in any way and nearly equivalent to Explaindio video creator.

VideoMakerFX could be your best shot If you are low on budget. It even seems a free software if you compare it to the pricing pages of other such programs.

The price of VideoMakerFX is 27$, one-time payment. No monthly or annual subscription.

VideoMakerFX is a template-based video creator. It comes with a huge list of cool templates That can be edited or customized with voice over and background music. You can buy or download additional templates from the internet.

As well as in addition to the provided templates, You can use PowerPoint templates to make presentation type videos.

Although VideoMakerFX is not as good at creating doodle or explainer type videos as Explaindio, Videoscribe and others are. But This software could be the best and almost free option for creating animated videos, presentations, video advertisements, and so on.

VideoMakerFX has a few templates to create doodle or whiteboard drawing type videos. By doing a little research, You can find such as templates on the internet free of cost.

People at VideoMakerFX do not offer a free trial of VideoMakerFX to test its functions. VideoMakerFX is available priced at 27$ as a one-off payment and It can be used on Microsoft Windows and Mac OS.

More details can be found here

4 Animiz Animated Video Maker

Animiz Animated Video Maker is a new addition in the world of whiteboard animation programs. This is a sole desktop whiteboard animation maker software, Which can be used for free forever with a watermark and a few other limitations.

Although Animiz Animated Video Maker is not as feature-rich as Explaindio video creator is, But It’s similar to Explaindio Video Creator.

The user interface is a bit complicated. You will need plenty of time to master and understand things in it. Overall It’s a lightweight piece of software.

You are provided with a huge collection of templates or slides. You can edit or customize according to your requirements.

As well as You can start from scratch. You can design or create your own videos with text, images, shapes, and other things.

In addition, Powerpoint templates can be used in Animiz Animated Video Maker.

One of its downsides is that It cannot be used without the internet. It requires the internet to download slides or templates from its official website.

Animiz Animated Video Maker can be used for 29$ per month single and 300$ per year with two users.

It puts a watermark on videos If you are a free user. The watermark can be ignored and replaced. You are allowed to export or save videos in only 576p resolution.

Animiz Animated Video Maker is only designed for the users of the Microsoft Windows operating system.

More details can be found here

5 VideoScribe

VideoScribe is or one of the founder of the whiteboard animation, doodle, scribe, and explainer video maker software industry.

Before 2012 the year Videoscribe was released, Making this kind of videos was difficult and way much costly. Before Videoscribe, It was not possible without hiring an expert video animator.

VideoScribe is a truly lightweight piece of software. Though you need lots of time to master the skill to create whiteboard animation videos, But the user interface is simple and user friendly.

Videoscribe comes packed with a big list of SVG images you can use in videos. You can download SVG images from the internet If you don’t find images of your choice.

One of the downsides is that You cannot import videos in Videoscribe. You will have to use an additional video editor to put a scribe or doodle effect on a video. It cannot make glass board videos.

As well as Videoscribe is not capable of creating multimedia presentations like Explaindio and VideoMaker FX.

The people behind Videoscribe have lowered subscription prices. They charge 18$ for a month and 96$ for 1 year. They offer a 7 days free trial of Videoscribe with a few limitations. You can get a free trial without a credit card.

VideoScribe is designed for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS. It also available use on Android, iPhone, iPad, and iPod.

More details can be found here

6 TTS Sketch Maker

TTS Sketch Maker is a very simple and a type of basic piece of software. It lets you create only doodle whiteboard drawing type videos.

You cannot make videos like Explaindio, Animiz Animated Video Maker, and VideoMaker FX can make.

There is a plus point that nearly such programs don’t have. TTS Sketch Maker comes with the text to speech engine.

You can transform any text into speech or voice and add to videos as a voice-over.

In addition to English, It supports German, Italian, French, and many other languages.

You can use text, audio files, SVG, PNG, JPG, and other image formats to create videos.

TTS Sketch Maker is one of the cheap or affordable available programs. You can buy TTS Sketch Maker for a one-off payment of $37. They do not offer the free trial to test TTS Sketch Maker.

TTS Sketch Maker can be used on the two most used operating systems. TTS Sketch Maker is designed for Mac OS and Windows users.

More details can be found here

7 Easy Sketch Pro

Easy Sketch Pro is another software to create doodle whiteboard drawing videos. Easy Sketch Pro is an offline whiteboard animation maker. It can be used without internet connectivity.

Easy Sketch Pro is a very lightweight piece of software. The user interface is quite simple and basic. You don’t need much time to be familiar with the interface.

It lets you add images, text, voice-over, and videos. It comes packed with a massive list of SVG images. You can download SVG images from the internet and use in it.

Though People behind Easy Sketch Pro, claim that This is a one-off payment software, But It’s relatively a bit expensive whiteboard animation software.

The pricing page is quite complicated. They offer three pricing plans Starter, Business, and Business Pro.

In the first two pricing plans, You have to bear Easy Sketch Pro logo on videos and some other things.

There is no free trial of Easy Sketch Pro to test it before buying. Easy Sketch Pro is designed for Mac OS and Windows users.

More details can be found here

Final Words

We do hope that You find this list of 7 best and available scribe, doodle and whiteboard animation softwares informative and useful.

Please do let us know in the comment section If you use or know about any other good and available whiteboard animation software.

You can use the comment section to ask any questions, give your feedback and precious suggestions.


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