How To Watermark Multiple Photos At Once With IrfanView On Windows 11/10/8/7?

In this guide, we’ll suggest you a free and simple software for adding watermarks to multiple photos at once.

We are making this guide on Windows 11. You can follow this tutorial on Windows 10, Windows 8 and Windows 7 as well.

We have already a tutorial in which We demonstrated How to use Photoshop to bulk watermark photos? Many subscribers reported that using Adobe Photoshop for watermarking photos is quite complicated.

By taking this into account, We tested some watermarking software and found IrfanView to be an effective and user-friendly program for watermarking multiple photos at once.

Without further ado, let us show you how to efficiently apply watermarks to multiple photos using IrfanView.

Download IrfanView

If you haven’t already installed it, please download IrfanView from the following link and install it.

After IrfanView installation, launch IrfanView and go to the File menu and open Batch Conversion / Rename.

To access advanced features like bulk watermarking and other tools, look for the “Use Advanced options” checkbox located below the Output Format selection. Simply tick this option to enable the advanced options.

Once you’ve checked this option, the Advanced button will become visible. Click on it to access advanced settings.

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How To Use IrfanView To Put Text-Based Watermarks On Photos?

To use text as a watermark, find and enable “Add Overlay Text” and go to the Settings.

Type any text you want to use as a watermark. You have the option to select the font size, text color, and other formatting preferences. In addition, you can enhance your watermark with copyright information, date and time stamps, EXIF data, and other options to make it unique and personalized.

Once you’ve made your preferred settings, simply click the OK button to exit.

To move on to the final step, click OK to exit.

Now locate the photos folder and select photos you want to watermark and then click “Add” to add them to the list. You can use Add All to add all photos in one go

By default, IrfanView saves watermarked photos to the Temp folder located in Drive C. However, if you would like to save them in a different folder, you can easily do so by selecting the Browse option and choosing your desired output folder location. Once you have made your preferred settings, simply click the Start Batch button to initiate the text-based watermarking process.

IrfanView has successfully put text-based watermarks on selected photos.

How To Use IrfanView To Put Image-Based Watermarks On Photos?

For image watermarks, Go to the Advanced to make settings.

Search for “Add Watermark Image” and then check mark this ”Add Watermark Image“ option to further make your preferred settings. Please do not forget to uncheck the “Add Overlay Text” option.

After enabling the ”Add Watermark Image“ option, Go to the Settings.

Click on Choose to import the image you want to put as an image watermark.

IrfanView also lets you customise imported image’s alignment, size, position, transparency, and other things.

Exit after you make customization.

Now locate the photos folder and select photos you want to watermark and then click “Add” to add them to the list. The Add All option lets you add all photos in one go.

You can change the output folder location, If you find it difficult to access the default location.

Click Start Batch to watermark multiple photos in one go.

Your collection of photos has successfully watermarked.

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Final Words

We hope you found this quick guide useful and informative, and that you were able to successfully watermark your photos by following the provided instructions.

If you encounter any problems or if we missed any crucial points, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will do our best to assist you in any way we can.

Use the comment box for questions, feedback and suggestions.


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