How To Change Homepage On Chrome In Windows 11/10/8/7?

This tutorial will be teaching you how to change homepage on Google Chrome and make other related settings?

Benefits Of Having Home Button & Custom Homepage

You can access the homepage without typing the web address with one click If Homepage is set and House button is visible before address bar.

Why There Is No Homepage Button In My Copy Of Google Chrome?

After clean install Windows or first Google Chrome installation, You will find that Home button is not visible and no specific web address is set as homepage. Every time when You need to search, You have to type Google.Com, Yahoo.Com or any other other websites in address bar.

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Harmful/Unwanted Extensions

There is another reason for it, Nearly all video, app, game and software piracy websites trick their users into downloading and installing unwanted or harmful software and extensions and You unintentionally install harmful and unwanted software or extensions.

After installing, You will notice plenty of changes in your copy of Google Chrome. In addition to the homepage, These unwanted things change default search engine, new tab and other things.

As well as, You have to bear inappropriate advertisements and annoying pop ups. To get rid, All you need to do is uninstall extensions You don’t know about.

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How To Show And Set Custom Homepage In Google Chrome?

After uninstalling, Let us help you change or set homepage address and show homepage button If It’s not visible.

Open up Google Chrome.

At top right corner of Google Chrome, Click on Customise and control menu with three little dots icon.

Come on down and click on Settings.

Scroll down the page until you find Appearance.

Under the Appearance section, Enable Show Home Button option If It’s not enabled. You can not set desired homepage If this option is not enabled.

Next to Show Home button option, Slid the slide to right to show home button before address bar.

After enabling this option, Check second option and type in name of the website you want to set as homepage. We want to set Google. Com as homepage.

It’s working fine.

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How To Change Default Search Engine In Google Chrome?

Harmful extensions change default search engine as well. To change the default Search engine, Click three dots to open the settings page.

Search engine option is fourth option in Chrome settings. All you need to do is choose your preferred default search engine from the drop down menu.

Final Words

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