How To Clean Install Windows 7 From USB Without Disk ?

In this tutorial, We will be teaching you How to clean install Windows 7 without data loss? We urge you to read this article till the end to avoid any inconvenience and time wasting.

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How To Download Windows 7 ISO Image File Without Product Key?

You need to have a Windows 7 installation DVD or bootable USB flash. If you don’t have one of both things, Download Windows 7 ISO image and create a bootable USB flash drive yourself.

Microsoft does not let you download Windows 7 ISO image file. Download this ISO image downloader. Click here to download.

It doesn’t need to be installed. Just double click to open it up.

Tick mark Windows 7 August 2018.

Choose your desired version and language from drop down menu and click download.

How To Create A Bootable USB To Clean Install Windows 7?

Download is complete. You need to convert downloaded ISO image file to a bootable USB. Insert the flash drive with 8GB of disk space into a USB port on your computer.

Click here to download Rufus.

Open up Rufus.

Locate downloaded ISO image file We have downloaded earlier.

Choose MBR from Partition scheme drop down menu and leave everything default.

Click on start button to begin the process. Please keep in mind, this will remove all data stored in USB flash drive. We recommend backup your all data.

This process will take 5 to 10 minutes.

USB is now ready to use.

3 Important Things To Do Before Clean Install Windows 7

  • Before you begin installing Windows 7, Please don’t forget to do three important things.
  • Move or transfer all data from drive C to another partition or storage device.
  • Download all important device drivers such as Wifi, Ethernet, graphic and other drivers.
  • Note down Windows 7 product key If you have. As well as Note down serial keys If you use any paid software. You can use any good key finder to extract license or serial keys.

How Boot From Bootable USB Flash?

You now need to enter the boot menu in order to boot from USB flash. There is a key, You can use to enter the boot menu.

How To Know What Is Boot Menu Key?

Usually F12 enters you boot menu, But It could be different in your brand or model. You can Google to know about what is the boot menu key of your brand and model.

Let’s Begin Clean Installing Windows 7 Without Data Loss

Restart your computer.

Go to boot menu and boot from USB flash.

Press space or any other key to boot from USB drive.

Choose language and other things and click Next.

Click install now.

Check mark accept license terms and click next.

Click on custom advanced option.

Expand drive options advanced.


This step requires your full attention. Make sure you’re formatting on-target partition. Your one wrong click could wipe out your data from other partitions.

Highlight Drive C or any other partition, where Windows is installed and click format.

Click OK.

The format is complete and the set up is ready for the final step. Click Next.

It’s installing. It will take 10 to 20 minutes If hard drive’s speed and health are normal.

After restart, Choose a username and PC name and click next.

Choose a password. You may skip if you don’t want to set a password. Click Next.

Type in your product key to activate your copy of Windows 7. Otherwise You may skip the activation.

Click Next.

Choose your desired update settings. But this option is of no use. As you might know that Microsoft has stopped providing Windows 7 updates.

You click on Ask me later to exit this section.

Set date and time and click next.

Click on anyone of three options.

Congratulations! Windows 7 clean installation is complete. You now need to install device drivers, third party web browsers and your other desired programs.

Final Words

Hopefully this quick tutorial helps you clean install Windows 7 without data loss and without any annoying problems. In the comment section, You can ask Team Soft Suggester Or Simple Tutorials for any explanation and additional assistance. We will try to help you as soon as possible.

Do use the comment section, If you have got any question, feedback and suggestions.


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