How To Merge Two Videos Into One In Windows 7?

In today’s tutorial, We will be teaching you How to merge multiple video clips into a single video file? This guide has been made for the users of Windows 7. You may follow this tutorial for Windows 10 users.

Do I Need A Video Merger?

We are not going to use any free or paid third-party video joiner. You can use Windows Movie Maker to combine videos together.

Use Windows Movie Maker Combine Multiple Videos Into One

Windows Movie Maker is enough If You want to join videos shoot or recorded by smartphones.

Generally, smartphone save videos as MP4 video file format and Windows Movie Maker support MP4, AVI and other popular video formats.

Windows Movie Maker Is Best For General Use, Not For Advanced Use

Windows Movie Maker is a perfect utility for personal or general use but not for a kind advanced use. We tried to merge the videos with MKV video format, We got an error that Windows Movie Maker doesn’t support this video format.

Windows Movie Maker Can Still Be Used On Windows 7 Even In / After 2020

Though Windows Movie Maker was officially discontinued on January 10, 2017. But It can still be used on Windows 7 to create, edit, merge videos, and create slideshows.

Don’t Want To Follow Written Tutorial? Watch Video Tutorial

Windows Movie Maker Is Installed Manually

By default, Windows 7 does not come packed with Windows Movie Maker. You have to manually download and install Movie Maker.

Download Windows Movie Maker AKA Windows Live Essentials 2012

Windows Movie Maker is a part of Windows Live Essentials. It is not available on the Microsoft official website. But It can be downloaded from popular and trusted software download websites.

Click here to download Windows Live Essentials.

Install Windows Live Essentials 2012 To Use Movie Maker

After the download is complete, You now need to install Windows Live Essentials.

Double click on the downloaded file.

Windows Live Essentials consists of 6 programs by Microsoft. Except Movie Maker, All of the other programs are of no use.

To not install other programs, click on the second option Choose the program You want to install.

Uncheck all programs except Windows Movie Maker and click install to begin the installation.

Installation is complete and Movie Maker is ready to use

How To Open Windows Movie Maker In Windows 7?

In the start menu, search for movie maker and Open it up.

How To Use Windows Movie Maker To Merge Two Videos Into One In Windows 7?

Under the Home tab, Click on Add videos and photos to import or add video clips or images.

By drag and drop, You can change the order of video clips or photos.

If you like to, You can add transition effects, visual effects, title, credit, and other things.

As well as, It is also possible to rotate and trim video clips.

After You finish editing, Click save the movie.

Click on your preferred profile.

Choose the location Where you want to save it.

Give it a name and click the save button.

The joining process is complete.

Give this article a read, Which is about free softwares to edit videos on Windows 7 and other Windows versions, If the Windows Movie Maker could not meet your requirements.

Final Words

Team Software Geek/Soft Suggester hope This article has been useful and informative to you.

Please do share in the comment section, What you find good and what does Windows Movie Maker lack?

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