How To Convert MPG To MP4 On Windows 11/Windows 10/8/7 With VLC?

This guide will teach you How to convert a MPG video to MP4 file format? We will share a free way for MPG to MP4 conversion.

A Windows 11 device has been used for this tutorial. You can follow this guide for Windows 11, Windows 8 and Windows 7.

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Can Windows 11/10/8/7 Natively Or Built-In Media Players Playback MPG Video Files?

MPG is one of video formats, Windows natively cannot play, even Windows 10 and Windows 11 are not capable of playing videos with MPG video format.

Audio and video formats of almost any type can be played by third-party media players. But most third-party media players cannot play MPG video format properly.

We tried to play a 3-minutes video in Media Player Classic. It loaded the video, But We could not fast forward the video. As well as Media Player Classic could not display video duration length.

Windows native media players entirely failed to play the MPG video file. VLC Media Player perfectly loaded and playback the MPG video file without any issues.

This problem can be solved in two ways. Convert MPG video files to MP4 or other video formats. However, this option is only convenient if you have a few MPG videos. The process of converting multiple videos takes a long time.

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Don’t Convert, Use MPG-Supported Media Player Like VLC Media Player

Instead of conversion, We suggest using VLC Media Player or any other feature-rich media player, If your media player is not capable of playing MPG. Using a media player saves you a lot of time.

Convert MPG Videos To MP4 With VLC Media Player

If you still want to convert MPG to MP4 for any reasons, We again suggest using VLC Media Player. This open-source media player can also be used as a video converter.

Why Should I Use VLC Media Player?

There are plenty of video converters available on the internet. These video converters are either paid or come with advertisements.

Something is wrong, Free to use video conversion programs are not liked by antivirus and antimalware security suites. This is why, We don’t recommend using free video converters.

How Do I Use VLC Media Player To Convert MPG To MP4?

If not already installed, Install VLC Media Player. You can download this ads-free media player from here.

After installation, Open up VLC Media Player.

Press Ctrl and R together to launch the video converter.

Click on Add button to open the MPG file you want to convert.

Next to the Convert/Save button, click on the down arrow and click Convert.

From the Profile drop-down menu, choose MP4 or any other video format of your choice.

Additionally, The Profile section lets you customise parameters to increase or decrease quality and size of the converted video.

Once you are done with customising parameters, Click on Browse and choose the location, where you want to save the converted copy of MPG video.

Give it a name if you wish and click the Save button.

Click on Start to begin converting the video to MP4.

How Much Time MPG To MP4 Conversion Takes?

Conversion is complete, To convert this 3 minutes video with 1080p resolution, VLC Media Player took 5 minutes. It depends on processor, RAM, hard disk write speed, video resolution and output parameters.

Should I Use Online Video Converters For MPG To MP4 Conversion?

We don’t suggest using online video converters. Online video converters require the internet and don’t let you convert large size videos for free. As well as your uploaded videos are not safe.

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Final Words

In this tutorial, We have tried our best to share the best possible ways for MPG to MP4 conversion. Hopefully, this guide has been informative and useful and you have managed to convert your videos to MP4 video format.

Do share in the comment section, If you know about any other convenient way for MPG to MP4 conversion.

You can leave suggestions, questions and feedback in the comment section.


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