How To Make A Partition Bootable In Windows 10/11/7/8 To Install Windows Without DVD/USB?

You are going to learn How to create a bootable recovery partition to clean install Windows? Though This tutorial is being made for the users of Windows 8 and Windows 10. The process is pretty the same for Windows 7 users, except one thing.

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Benefits Of A Bootable Partition

The bootable partition is a perfect solution If your laptop or desktop computer doesn’t have DVD Rom.

If you have prepared a bootable partition, It will save you a lot of precious time in an emergency, and without Windows DVD and creating a bootable USB, you can recover, repair or reinstall Windows with ease.

A bootable partition works the same like a Windows DVD or bootable USB. You can format, delete, create the partition, and clean install Windows.

You can make any partition bootable for installation except the partition where Windows is installed, you are using.

Already created bootable USB or Windows installation DVD can be used to make a partition bootable.

We will be using a free-to-use third-party software called EasyBCD. Download and install EasyBCD.

Download EasyBCD

Download from here.

You can use any partition except the partition, where Windows is installed.

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Create A Separate Partition

To avoid the mess, create a separate partition for this purpose. You can merge this partition with any other partition without data loss When you don’t need it.

We need 6GB of disk space. You can shrink a partition for this purpose without any data loss.

How To Shrink A Partition?

To shrink and create a new partition, Go to the start menu and type in diskmgmt.msc

Click diskmgmt.msc to open up this Windows utility.

We need a partition with a minimum of 6GB free disk space.

Right-click on a partition that has more than 6GB of free disk space, You want to shrink and click Shrink Volume.

Set the amount of required disk space amount. If you don’t know how many megabytes are there in one gigabyte?, Take the help of an online GB to MB converter.

Click Shrink.

How To Create A New Volume/Partition?

After shrink is complete, Right-click on the unallocated partition and click New Simple Volume.

Click Next.


Click Next


Click Finish.

The partition is now ready for the next step.

How To Use EasyBCD To Make A Partition Bootable?

Open up Windows 10 or Windows 8 DVD or the ISO image file.

Select all and copy DVD or ISO image file content and paste to the partition, We’ve prepared.

The copying process may take a while depending on hard disk speed.

After copying is complete, Open up EasyBCD.

Go to Add new entry menu.

Click on WinPE tab.

You may give it a name.

Here you need to set a file named Boot.Wim. When You restart, This file kick starts installation setup. Click here to locate Boot.Wim file.

Go to the partition, Where We’ve copied Windows 10 installation files.

Open up the source folder.

Highlight Boot.Wim file and then click open.

Click plus icon to add WinPE image to the boot menu.

The process is complete and you can now install Windows 10 or Windows 8 from this partition without DVD or bootable USB.

How Do I Switch Between Windows And Bootable Partition For Windows Installation?

To switch between Windows and bootable partition, Restart your PC.

You will be given 30 seconds to choose to boot installed Windows or bootable partition. Highlight and hit Enter.

Final Wrds

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