How To Create Custom Profiles In OpenShot Video Editor To Change Video resolution In Openshot ?

This quick tutorial will teach you how can you create a custom resolution profile in Openshot Video Editor?

What Is OpenShot?

Openshot Video Editor is a lightweight, user-friendly, and free-to-use video editor for the users of Microsoft Windows.

The problem is, unlike other video editors, It does not let you choose a resolution size by typing the resolution size of your choice.

People behind Openshot Video Editor offer a piece of code through which you can create a custom profile and set a specific resolution size. This is the sole way for custom resolution size selection.

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Get The Code

Click here to get the code

Watch Video Tutorial

How To Use The Code To Create A Custom Profile In Openshot Video Editor?

After getting the code, We now need to go to the installation directory of Openshot Video Editor.

To create a custom profile, Right-click on the Openshot Video Editor shortcut and then click open file location.

Here you need to search for a folder named Profiles. Open up this folder.

Before we use the code to create a new profile, Right-click on any file and click copy.

Right-click on the empty space and then paste the copied file. Give it a name.

Double click on the copied file and open it with Notepad to edit it.

Copy and Paste the code.

To easily find it, Give a name to the custom profile.

Set your desired resolution size.

From the file menu, Save it.

Now open up your copy of Openshot Video Editor.

A profile with the resolution size of your choice should show up in the profile menu.

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Final Words

Team Soft Suggester / Simple Tutorials is quite hopeful this quick tutorial helps you create a profile with the resolution size of your choice.

If you still run into any issues, You may contact us via the comment section. We will try our best to help you.

The comment section can be used for suggestions, feedback, and questions.


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