How To Add Custom Domain To Blogger (For Godaddy Users)?

To start a blog or website, You need two things, You have to spend money on buying a domain and hosting to get your website or blog online.

Most of people, Who want to earn from blogging, give up on the idea of starting a blog or website due to these requirements. Newbie either can’t afford to buy these two things or they don’t want to spend money on domain and hosting.

If you don’t want to buy a domain and hosting, but still want to do blogging then Blogspot is for you. Blogger offers lifetime free domain name and unlimited hosting. As well as you can create unlimited number of blogs for free. is a good place to start off and It would be no exaggeration to say that Nearly all successful and famous bloggers started their blogging career with blogspot owned by Google. Blogger is a best place to improve and enhance blogging skills.

Your blog start growing and making money, in short, everything goes well, but the problem arises when People behind Blogger remove your blog without any prior notice or warnings. Your all hard work goes in vain.

A custom domain and backup is a simple solution to this problem. As you might know that Domain name is everything. Blog’s ranking in search engines is linked to the domain name and visitors / readers recognise your blog by the domain name of your blog / website as well and this is why veteran bloggers or webmasters suggest to buy a custom domain name as soon as possible once your blogspot blog starts growing and making money.

In case, Google removes your blog, You can again get your blog online with the help of backup and custom domain. You can either migrate your blog/website from blogger to self hosted WordPress or again host your blog on blogger.

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Custom Domain Setup On Blogger Tutorial For Godaddy Users

This tutorial will help you setup custom domain on blogger. I have bought my domain name from Godaddy and you are going to learn How can you setup custom domain on blogger with Godaddy?

Sign into your blogger and Godaddy accounts.

Go to blogger dashboard.

Click settings.

Under basic, You will find an option named Set up a third-party URL for your blog. Click on it.

Add the domain name you bought and don’t forget to add Www before the domain name

Press save button to save the settings you made.

After doing so, An error page will show up and You are given two Cnames that you will have to update in the domain control panel for verification and configuration.

You now go to the domain control panel in Godaddy.

Select the domain name you want to point to your blogger blog.

Click on connect to an existing site.

Get back to blogger dashboard and copy first code.

Go to the domain control panel and edit existing CNAME details. If it is not there create a new one.

Paste codes here copied from blogger dashboard and press save button.

Now copy the second code from blogger dashboard.

Get back to the domain panel and click add.

Now select CNAME from drop down menu.

Paste codes copied from blogger dashboard and press save button.

Settings are now done. Get back to blogger dashboard and press save button to finish the process.

Normally this process takes 30 minutes to 24 hours, but Godaddy does it instantly.

Final Words

I do hope this tutorial has been informative and useful to you. Please do let me know If you run into any problem. I will be trying my best to solve your problem.

Stay tuned, stay blessed, and Don’t forget to like, subscribe, comment and share.


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