How Do I Use VLC To Compress Videos On Windows 11/10/8/7? Can VLC Reduce Video Size?

This guide will teach you: How to compress videos with VLC Media Player?

We are using a Windows 11 device to make this tutorial. The VLC Media Player is also compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8 and Windows 7.

What Is VLC Media Player?

VLC Media Player is like a swiss army knife. An essential piece of software, VLC Media Player can do practically anything.

VLC Media Player differs from conventional media players. Besides being a media player, it offers much more.

A video converter, screen recorder, and video grabber are three worth mentioning tools among the built-in tools available in VLC Media Player.

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Wait A Minute! Read This Before You Get Started

Please keep the following facts in mind before you spend your time on using VLC Media Player to compress or reduce the video size. Click here to jump to the tutorial If you don’t want to know.

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Can VLC Media Player Compress Videos?

VLC Media Player includes a video converter. Video and audio files can be converted between nearly all video and audio formats using the video converter. This perception is entirely wrong that VLC Media Player also has a video compressor.

We don’t recommend VLC Media Player for YouTube. Do not expect results with VLC you get with Handbrake.

Can VLC Media Player Reduce The Video Size Without Losing Quality?

It is not true that you can compress videos using VLC Media Player without compromising on quality. You lose the quality to some extent.

In video tutorials and guides on How-To websites, YouTube HD profile is used to compress or shrink the video size. In fact YouTube HD profile converts the video not compress.

For testing purposes, We chose YouTube HD profile and made no changes to framerate, bitrate and other parameters.

After the process completed, It managed to reduce the size to 20%. But the resolution size was shrunk.

VLC Media Player Is Not A Handbrake Alternative

Handbrake is recommended for compressing videos for YouTube and other professional use. But the problem with Handbrake is that the interface is a bit complicated to use.

It would be fair to say that this is the best option for social media websites and email attachments. For example, sending video files via Facebook Messenger, Twitter, and for other purposes, this is a good and easy option.

Our guess is that the YouTube HD profile without any modification can reduce the size and quality by around 20%.

Use Handbrake If you want to go more extreme. Handbrake can exceptionally reduce video size without any quality loss. You just need to give it some time to understand the interface.

If you find Handbrake’s interface complicated and would prefer to use VLC Media Player. It will either be quality or size that you will have to compromise on.

YouTube HD profile editing allows you to reduce the video size if quality isn’t your top priority by decreasing resolution size, framerate, and other things.

Like Handbrake, VLC Media Player cannot exceptionally shrink the video size. Use it even if the quality is not your first priority.

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How To Use VLC Media Player To Compress Videos/Reduce Size?

It is quite easy to use built-in video converter compress or reduce the video size. Launch the VLC Media Player.

Go to the Media menu and then open Convert / Save.

Click on Add to import the video you want to compress or reduce the size of.

Click the Convert / Save button for the next step.

Select YouTube HD from the Profile menu. YouTube HD profile has best and optimal settings. It is possible to modify the YouTube HD profile to further reduce the video size.

You can reduce resolution size, frame rate and other things to reduce the size.

Leave everything as default and click the Browse button to select the location where converted video will be saved. VLC Media Player may take a while.

Conversion completes. VLC Media Player has managed to reduce the size by around 20 percent.

Final Words

We hope this guide has been informative and useful to you. Please do share in the comment section, if you use or know about any other easy and good video compressor than VLC Media Player and Handbrake.

If we could not explain any point properly. You can ask questions via the comment section. Team Soft Suggester will try its best to help you.

You can use the comment to leave feedback, suggestions and questions.


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