How To Disable Cortana In Windows 10 Home Anniversary Update?

You can easily disable Cortana in Windows 10 Professional and Enterprise via Group policy editor. But unfortunately, Among many other differences between Windows 10 Professional or Enterprise and Home editions, Windows 10 Home edition is missing Group policy editor to make or manage settings.

But it doesn’t mean you can’t use the group policy editor to disable Cortana and make or manage other settings. Fortunately, There is an unofficial method to add group policy editor for Windows 10 Home edition. I highly recommend you to watch my previous tutorial on how to install the Group policy editor and how to use the group policy editor to disable Cortana? Here you go

How To Disable Cortana In Windows 10 Home Anniversary Update?

Although This method is safe to use, But There is another official method If you don’t want to use this unofficial method to install the Group policy editor to disable Cortana for any reason.

You can dig into the Windows registry editor to disable Cortana. But Any mistake you make into registry editor could cause stability and performance issues for Windows. So please pay close attention to the instructions that I am going to give you. As well as Creating a System Restore Point is highly recommended before doing this as a precautionary measure. Let’s begin disabling Cortana via Windows registry editor.

Open start menu and type regedit into the search box.

Click regedit.


Expand Software

Expand Policies

Expand Microsoft

Expand Windows

Now search for the Windows Search key. If you don’t find it, then create a new one.

To create the Windows Search key, Right click on Windows.

Go to NEW and key to create a new key.

Name it “Windows Search”.

Now right click on the Windows Search folder.

Go to NEW and select DWORD (32-bit) Value.

Name it “Allow Cortana”.

Double click on Allow Cortana and set the value to “0”.

Now You need to reboot your computer for this change to take effect. Alternatively, you can sign out and sign back in If you don’t want to reboot your PC.

After restart, You should find that Cortana is disappeared and search box has changed from I’m Cortana ask me anything to search Windows.

To make it more easy. The People at have designed or made One-Click Registry Hack.

Download and extract a Zip file.

After having extracted it. Double click on Disable Cortana.reg.

Click yes to agree to add the information to your registry.

In addition to disabling Cortana, You can also enable Cortana by double clicking on Re-Enable Cortana.

I hope Windows 10 Home Edition users have managed to disable Cortana by following today’s tutorial. Although, I’ve tried my best to explain everything well. Please do let  me know If I could not explain anything properly using the comment section. I will be trying to solve your problem.

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