How To Disable Startup Programs In Windows 8/Windows 7/Windows 10 To Speed Up Windows Boot Time?

Today’s tutorial will teach you How to disable unwanted startup programs in Windows 7? Though This article is being made on a computer running Windows 7. But The users of Windows 8 and Windows 10 can follow given instructions to delete startup programs as well.



Before You watch remaining part of this tutorial, Keep in mind, This tutorial only helps you disable a startup item Which a third party program makes run on startup. This video is not about disabling Windows services.


Not all but many programs set a startup item after installation. This startup item opens or runs installed programs Whenever You turn on your computer.


A few important startup programs do not make any noticeable difference to Windows boot time. But Multiple and heavy programs could cause slow Windows boot time.


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In addition to other factors, You can improve and speed up Windows boot time by cleaning out unnecessary and heavy programs that launch at startup.



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How To Disable Startup Programs To Speed Up Boot Time?




Windows 7 and other Windows editions have a built in utility Which can be used to disable or remove unnecessary and heavy startup programs.


To open this utility, Go to start menu and search for msconfig.


Click on msconfig to open.


Click on startup tab.


You can now disable single or multiple startup entries.


Uncheck to disable your desired startup programs. You can disable all programs at once by clicking disable all.


After program selection, Click apply to disable selected programs. Keep in mind, This utility does not uninstall programs, You can still manually open programs.


In addition to built in utility, To remove startup program, You can also use CCleaner with which nearly every Windows user is familiar.



Use Ccleaner



Ccleaner can be downloaded from here



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