How To Download Gif Animations From Facebook OnGoogle Chrome PC?

Today’s guide is for those PC Facebook users who use Google Chrome and love to download GIF animations from Facebook.

A recent study suggests most of people prefer to watch and share animated GIF over videos on Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites. Animated GIFs are short in size, but convey a comprehensive message.

In addition to watching and sharing GIF animations, There are many, Who want to download animated GIFs.

Essentially, There are two types of Gif animations that are shared on Facebook. Gif animations hosted on external websites and Gif animations Facebook users upload to Facebook.

You don’t need to have a tool to download Gif animations hosted on external websites such as giphy, imgur and others.

To download Gif animations hosted on external websites, Click arrow icon.

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Upon doing this, A new tab will open. Right click and click Save image.

Give it a name If you want and click save it to your desired location.

But this method does not work If Gif animation is hosted on Facebook as well as on some websites. We will have to use a third party tool to download Gif animations.

My favorite utility to download videos is Internet download manager as Gif animations  function same like videos. Although Internet download manager is best on downloading Gif animations outside Facebook. But It does not properly work on Facebook to download neither videos nor Gif animations.

How To Download Gif Animations From Facebook OnGoogle Chrome PC?

After some research, I found a free to use Google Chrome extension through which You can easily download Gif animations and even videos with SD and HD options.

 The name of this useful extension is Video & GIF Downloader For Facebook. This extension works great for both Gif animations hosted on Facebook and outside Facebook.

Install Video & GIF Downloader For Facebook from here.

An icon will appear on top right hand side after having installed it.

Now play videos or Gif animations and click icon once.

Click download GIF If you want to download.GIF format. If you need it in video format, then click download video.

Watch Video Guide

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Final Words

I do hope today’s short tutorial has been helpful and informative to you. Please do let me know If I could not explain anything properly or you run into any issue. I will be trying to solve your problem. Please do share If you know of any other method, software or extension to download GIF animations. You may use the comment section.

Stay tuned, stay blessed, and Don’t forget to like, subscribe, comment and, share.


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  1. Etay Van Der Liberman Avatar
    Etay Van Der Liberman

    Hi there!
    Just wanted to thank you for the good words about my extension. This extension was made for non-profit, on my free time, and I do hope it brings some time saving and joy to people.
    I just wanted to write this message so people will know that this extension is being maintained (or at least QAed) regularly and if anyone got any comments, ideas or issues – please come forward, I really need your input.


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