How To Download Whatsapp APK File On PC For Installing On Phones/Tablet PCs

Today’s tutorial is for Android users Who want to download Whatsapp APK file on a PC and then transfer to Android phone to install without Google Playstore.


You would agree with me that most of cell phone users keep complaining of slow internet and It’s a fact. Sometimes they can’t even install a tiny app from Google Playstore due to slow internet.


This is the main reason I am making this video. In addition to this reason, This video will help you download APK file of Whatsapp If you don’t have a Google account or Google Playstore is not installed on your Android device.


I will be sharing three ways to download Whatsapp APK file on a PC. You can follow this video for Windows, Mac OS, Linux and nearly all other operating systems.



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Download From The Official Websites



The most trusted and reputable place to download Whatsapp APK file is Whatsapp official website. All you need to do is open your favorite web browser.


Go to


Click on download.


As you can see there are three options. Since I want to download for Android phone. I will click on Android.
Clicking on Android will take you download page. Click on download now.



Online APK Downloaders



The second option is using online APK downloaders. We can use online APK downloaders to download APK files from Google Playstore. Online APK downloaders can be used free of cost.


This online APK Downloader is my favorite. Go to this website (Apps.Evozi.Com/apk-downloader).


Click on APK downloader.


Go to Play.Google.Com and search for Whatsapp.


Open Whatsapp page.


Copy the link from the address bar and get back to the APK Downloader website.


Paste the copied URL and click generate download link and wait for a few seconds.


The download is ready. Click green button to kick start the download.



Third Party APK Download Websites


Third option, you can use to download APK files is using external websites offering APK files. There is a huge list of APK download websites available on the internet.


APK Pure. Com is a trusted and widely used website to download APK file of Whatsapp and other Android apps and games.


Go to APK Pure.Com and search for Whatsapp.


The search will bring back with available results. Click on first one to access the download page
Click green button to download.


After download, Downloaded APK file can be transferred to phone via USB cable or other sources and then you can install without Google Playstore and internet connectivity.



Final Words



Team SoftSuggester hopes this short tutorial helped you download Whatsapp APK file on a PC and you have managed to install Whatsapp without Google Playstore. Use the comment section and do let me know If you run into any issue, We will try to help you out solve your problem.


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