DriverMax Review – How To Use DriverMax To Download Device Drvers?

We will discuss our experiences with DriverMax in this article. Our tests have been conducted under Windows 7 and Windows 10. Both the free and paid versions have been tested.

After the clean install of any Windows versions, Microsoft Windows users must have to install the necessary drivers to make all devices inside the computer functional.

After clean install Windows, If you don’t install device drivers, Your PC will not work properly.

For example, You will not listen to sound If you don’t install audio drivers. It will be impossible to use the internet If you don’t install device drivers for WI-FI or Ethernet.

Why Do We Need A Third-Party Driver Updater Software?

The best place to download Windows drivers is the official website of the computer or Laptop brand and One can do it himself. Here is a guide on How to manually install drivers on Windows 10/11/7/8 without any software?

But It takes a lot of time and effort. To save time, We can use a third-party Driver downloader or updater utility.

A Driver updater utility can make this boring process convenient. A good and user-friendly Driver Downloader and updater utility is more than a magic wand, especially for those whose profession is repairing computers.

With the help of a third-party software, You can swiftly download, update, backup, and restore device drivers after clean install Windows.

We had heard a lot about one of the most famous Windows device drivers downloader and updater DriverMax. We decided to test out DriverMax and share what we found good and bad?

Let’s start off the DriverMax video review with downloading and installing it.

Is DriverMax Free?

In nutshell, the answer is DriverMax is not free.

People behind DriverMax offer free and pro versions of this driver utility. Its free version has plenty of limitations. You can call the free version a trailer of DriverMax Pro.

Everything is in the paid version. You can download, install or update 2 device drivers every day in the free version.

Download DriverMax

You can download DriverMax from here.

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DriverMax Availability

DriverMax is designed for Microsoft Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, and even Windows Vista and XP.

Is DriverMax Safe?

We were expecting that Its installer suggests you install adware, browser toolbar, etc, or in simple words, unnecessary things. But we did not find any such thing during the installation process.

Downloading and installing DriverMax is user-friendly and secure. But we still suggest paying close attention during the installation.

You can easily get away by just watching out while installing it.

In nutshell, DriverMax is 100% safe If you don’t let it install unwanted programs.

You may get to see ads forcing you to buy its premium version.

User-Interface Of DriverMax

I’m using DriverMax Pro version 12. DriverMax has a very easy-to-use and user-friendly interface. There are five tabs

The home tab shows you the system resources your PC has. As well as driver details If you’ve scanned.

In the Driver updates tab, It shows you outdated, up to date and available driver updates. You have to skip the ad to see device drivers need updates.

The download arrow means an update is available. You can download and install If you have not yet installed drivers

Checkmark icon means it’s up to date.

The backup tab helps you, backup drivers. It contains two backup options, You can use the create system restore point option to restore settings, and drivers If anything goes wrong.

Create the driver backup archive option can backup all or selected drivers. This option does awesome. You can use this backup option to install drivers after clean install Windows and even without the internet.

Restore tab can be used to restore drivers. You have 4 restoration options to choose from.

In the settings tab, You can make your preferred settings. For example, You can schedule downloads and updates, change language and activate the Pro version by entering in your license key.

In addition, You can sign up, sign in to your account and check your subscription status.

You can download, update and install drivers in one go. but this option is recommended for high-speed internet users. As well as, this feature is only available to DriverMax Pro users.

Is The Free Version Of DriverMax Of Any Use?

The free version has many disadvantages. It would not be wrong to say that Its free version is of no use.

Although in the free version, It does not scam you as other such softwares do.

As they scare you with threats of blue screens and system problems and ask you for money to fix all problems after the scan.

But You can’t download, update and install more than two drivers per day in the free version. The same case is with backup and restore. More info at here

People at offer a One-Time-Purchase Product lifetime subscription in addition to monthly and annual subscription packages.

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Final Words

We found DriverMax a truly user-friendly, and safe-to-use piece of software. You can create a system restore point to go back If anything goes wrong.

We do hope this DriverMax review has been helpful and informative to you. You may ask if We skipped anything.

Please share your experience with it in the comment section below if you have used it.

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