How Can I Write On PDF Files Without Adobe Acrobat On My Windows 10 PC For Free?

This tutorial will teach you How to edit, write on PDF files on Windows 10 without Adobe Acrobat? Although We are making this tutorial on a Windows 10 computer, The users of Windows 11, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 can also benefit from this tutorial.

Offline Or Online PDF Editor To Edit/Write On PDF Files?

We do not recommend using any free online PDF editors. Online PDF editors work well for small PDF files, As online PDF editors don’t allow to upload large-sized PDF files.

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A number of online PDF editors provide limited features and force you to subscribe to a premium plan.

It is recommended that you use an offline desktop PDF editor to edit PDF files. The use of a PC-based PDF editing application instead of an online tool is a good and convenient solution for editing PDF files.

The free software we will be using to edit PDF files will let you change text, photos, signatures, and other things. There’s nothing you have to pay and it’s completely for free.

We Recommend LibreOffice As An Offline PDF Editor

The free and open-source LibreOffice productivity software suite can be used to edit PDF documents. LibreOffice offers a number of features that are similar to what Microsoft Office offers.

Download LibreOffice

Download from here and install LibreOffice.

How To Use LibreOffice To Edit PDF Files Without Adobe Acrobat?

Watch Video Tutorial

After the installation is complete, Open up LibreOffice Draw. Go to the start menu and type in LibreOffice Draw.

Left-click to open up LibreOffice Draw.

Go to the file menu and click on “Open” to locate the PDF file you want to edit.

Wait for a few seconds until it loads the PDF file.

You can now add new photos, edit or write new text, and other things.

After changes of your choice done, Go to the File menu and hover your mouse over Export as and click Export as PDF to make a new copy.

Here you can make your preferred settings If required. Otherwise, leave everything default and click on the Export button.

Give it a name and click save to make a new copy.

LibreOffice has generated a new copy that incorporates the modifications made by you.

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Final Words

This quick tutorial has hopefully been informative and useful to you.

If there is any matter that we could not properly explain, please contact us via the comment section. Team Soft Suggester / Software Geek will do its best to assist you if you encounter any issues.

Additionally, the comment section can be used for sending suggestions, questions, and feedback.


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