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Today’s tutorial will show you How to enable Adobe Flash Player in Google Chrome?


Ten years ago, Flash Player used to be as important as a web browser itself. Without Flash Player, Web browsers were not able to play videos and other type of content.


World is now changed and Flash Player is being replaced with HTML5 due to various reasons.


Google Chrome will stop opening websites or content required Flash Player after December 2020. Though Chrome still supports Flash Player But It is disabled by default. You have to manually enable it to run flash based games and other content.


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How To Enable Flash Player In Google Chrome?




The process is pretty simple. You have two options. You can either block/unblock for all websites or enable Flash Player for a specific website.


If you want to enable the Flash Player for a specific website then On the left side of the address bar, Click on View site information.


Click on Site settings


Click on drop down menu and choose Allow


Click reload to apply your updated settings to this site. You now should not face any problem.


You can enable at once If you want to open multiple websites requiring Flash Player.


Type this address in the address bar and hit Enter. chrome://settings/content/flash


Turn it on for all websites.



Still Not Working? Update Google Chrome



After enabling Flash player, If Google Chrome is still unable to run flash games then make sure your copy of Chrome is up to date. You don’t need to install Flash player on Windows. Updating Chrome could fix the issue.


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