5 Free Best Ads-Free ePub Reader Apps For Windows 11/10 PCs/LapTops/Tablets

This list of the top best series will suggest the 5 best and free EPub reader Windows apps.

These Windows apps can be used on Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, and Windows 8.

Modern web browsers have evolved greatly over the last decade. Without third-party software, your web browser can do things that were not possible before.

The best ebook reader is your web browser. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and nearly all other modern web browsers natively support PDF and other ebook formats without additional third-party extensions or Add-on.

The EPub book format is still incompatible with web browsers despite all the evolutions.

By taking this into account, We have compiled 5 a list of the best and free EPub reading Windows apps.

You can check out this list of the best and free EPub readers software If you don’t like using Windows apps or you want to read EPub books on Windows 7.

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Freda is a free Windows app to read ebooks. This ebook reader app supports nearly all ebook file-formats including Epub books.

Freda Epub read offers a clutter and distraction-free experience. It offers options to add bookmarks, highlight the text, and add notes. Epub and ebooks can be read out loud by Freda.

Without manually downloading and adding books to its library, Freda lets you integrate Smashwords, Gutenberg, Feedbooks, and other digital libraries or online ebook catalogs.

Freda also features a built-in dictionary lookup option and translator through which you can translate words between over 30 languages.

This Epub book read app provides a free of the advertisements book reading experience. However, you have to deal with ads in the app’s main interface. Advertisements don’t come your way like Android apps. The premium version does not show advertisements.

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Bibliovore is another one of the free Epub reader Windows apps. Use Bibliovore, If you need a simple, lightweight, and straightforward Epub book reader.

Bibliovore is not as feature-rich as previously suggested Epub readers are. However, It makes reading Epub books easy, clutter and distraction-free.

This free and ads-free Epub reader lets you customize the reader by changing reading themes, editing book metadata, adjusting font parameters, and other things.

It includes a night reading mode to help relax your eyes. The bookmarking function allows you to quickly find your favorite page or most memorable part of an ebook.

You can connect your OneDrive account to sync your books between PC and mobile device.

The user interface is a bit tricky. You may have to give it some time to understand the interface.

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Bookviser Preview

Among the famous and popular book readers that also support Epub books is Bookviser. This Epub reader can be used free of cost and It does not contain advertisements.

Bookviser is lightweight and contains a user-friendly and elegant interface. It would be fair to say that Bookviser is a 3D ebook reader. When you turn the page, It gives you the feeling that you are reading a physical book, especially on touch screen devices.

The bookshelf is very attractive and useful. You can easily and quickly find your preferred book by using the sort or group option.

Bookviser lets you select day and night themes. You can set font type and size according to your preferences. There is an option to make Bookviser read books aloud, But It does not work.

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Real eBooks Reader for Kindle Books

Real eBooks Reader is a simple Windows app to read PDF, Mobi, Epub, and other ebook formats. Real eBooks Reader is similar to reading books in Google Chrome and other web browsers.

There is only one thing worth mentioning about Real eBooks Reader: it provides a tabbed book viewer. You can open multiple books in the Real eBooks Reader.

It does not let you highlight or copy text. You cannot save your reading progress.

Real eBooks Reader can be used free of cost without having to bear advertisements. This is your best match If you are looking for a simple and distraction-free Windows app to read Epub and other books.

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PDF A – Reader and Editor

PDF A – Reader and Editor is another great Windows app for ebook reading. PDF A not only supports PDF books But It can also open EPub, Mobi, and other books.

This useful app is just not a book reader. But It can also be used as an ebook editor. You can use the highlighter, insert text, add popup notes, and other things. You can save the changes.

It has an option to read books aloud, But It does not work. As well as, It lacks the library or bookshelf function. The book must be manually opened every time you want to read it.

PDF A – Reader and Editor is available to use for free. Despite being a free book reader, As of now, This EPub reading app is free of advertisements.

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Final Words

We hope one of the suggested EPub readers has been useful to you and you can now read EPub books without any clutter and distraction.

Do share in the comment section, If you know or use any other worth mentioning EPub reading Windows app.

Leave your questions, suggestions, and feedback in the comment box.


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