How To Fix Error Code 80248007 In Windows 10 Updates? Fix 80248007 Windows 10 Updates Error With 4 Possible Solutions

Today’s tutorial will help you fix 0x80248007 Error in Windows Update in Windows 10.

There is no fixed solution to this annoying error. We will be sharing 4 possible solutions. Hopefully One of four solutions will work for you.

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Modify Windows Updates Service

Modifying Windows updates service could fix it. You need to disable Windows updates service to delete temporary update files in SoftwareDistribution folder and then re-enable updates service.

How To Disable Windows Updates Service

To disable Windows updates service, Go to Start Menu.

Type in Control panel.

Open Control Panel.

Open Administrative Tools.

Double click on services to open.

Search for Windows updates service.

Double click to open

Stop Windows updates service.

Choose disabled from the drop down menu and click apply to save the settings.

Delete Temporary Update Files

Now Go to Drive C or any other partition Where Windows 10 is installed.

Open Windows folder

You now need to search for a folder named Software Distribution.

Open Software Distribution folder.

Open Data Store folder.

Delete all files in this folder.

Go back to Software Distribution folder

Now Open download folder

Select all and delete.

It will ask for administrator permission. Click continue, otherwise Enter the administrator password If you don’t have an administrator account.

How To Re-enable / Start Windows Updates Service?

Get back to services, Re-enable and start Windows updates service.

Close services windows and check If It fixes or not.

Let’s move to the next option if the problem still persists

Restart Windows Installer Service

The second option to fix this error is restarting Windows Installer service. This option requires administrative privileges to restart Windows Installer service.

Go to Start Menu.

Type in CMD to search for Command Prompt.

Right click on Command Prompt and run as administrator.

Click Yes to let it make changes.

Type net start msiserver and Hit Enter.

Hopefully this helps you get rid of this annoying error.

System File Checker

Corrupted files could be a reason for this annoying error. Though It does not work all the time, But We can give a try to the System File Checker to repair corrupted files.

To use this tool, Go to Start Menu.

Search for Command Prompt by Typing CMD.

Right click on Command Prompt and run as administrator.

Click Yes to let it make changes to settings.

Before you use it, Keep in mind, It takes a while to complete, so let it finish and then restart your PC for changes to take effect.

Type sfc /scannow and hit Enter.

We do hope It helped you resolve the issue. Let’s move to last option If You are still unable to get rid of this annoying problem.

Windows Update MiniTool

Use a third party software for Windows 10 updates If all previous suggested solutions fail to fix this annoying error.

Windows Update MiniTool is a free and trusted alternative to the standard Windows Update. This easy to use piece of software can download and install Windows updates and Windows drivers.

Download Windows Updates MiniTool from here

Final Words

Team Simple Tutorial hope You find today’s video informative and One of suggested solutions fixed 0x80248007 Error.

Please let us know in the comment section, If We could not explain anything properly. We will try to help you solve your problem. The comment section can also be used for precious suggestions and feedback.


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