How To Fix Binkw32.DLL File Is Missing From Your Computer Error On Windows 11/10/7/8?

This guide is about fixing Binkw32.DLL missing and other similar errors. We have tried to cover every possible solution in this tutorial.

We fixed this error on a laptop running Windows 11. This fixing process is pretty similar for Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, and If the game supports, Windows XP.

This tutorial is aimed at helping gamers facing the Binkw32.DLL missing error with old classic games like Hitman: Blood Money and others.

What Is Binkw32.DLL?

If you are an avid gamer, You must have seen the logo of RAD Game at the beginning of many games, mainly old classic games.

In spite of the fact that this company does not build games, This is an essential component of almost every game.

Bink is part of RAD Game Tools, which is basically a video codec. This video codec is designed for games that provide high compression and fast rendering.

RAD game tools consist of a set of Dynamic-link library files, also known as DLL files. Binkw32.DLL is among DLL files.

If the Binkw32.dll file is missing on your copy of Windows or game, You come across Binkw32.dll and other error similar messages.

We will share 4 solutions to fix Binkw32.DLL missing and other similar errors.

We watched YouTube videos and read tutorial articles. We tested all of the suggested solutions and found these 4 solutions effective.

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Binkw32.DLL Is Common With Pirated Games

To avoid errors and security threats, The best way to play or install old classic games is with original CDs or DVDs.

Thanks to online gaming, Using CDs and DVDs for playing or installing games have long since been phased out.

If you don’t have the CD or DVD of your favourite old classic game and you still want to play classic games, Use Steam, Epic Games and other video game digital distribution services.

There is no guarantee that you will not face any errors when playing games on online distribution services. But the developers behind these classic games will help you with updates and game patch fixes automatically.

If you face any error with an abandoned game by its developer or pirated game, you are on your own. You have to fix errors manually.

It can sometimes feel like you are playing Squid Game when you fix these errors. Annoying errors keep on coming one after one.

Watch Video Tutorial

Use Bink Video Codec To Fix Binkw32.DLL Missing Error

The simple solution to the missing Binkw32.DLL error is placing this DLL file in the required folder.

Veteran Windows and cyber security experts do not recommend downloading from websites distributing DLL files and then manually placing this file in the folder it should be.

DLL files downloaded from the internet could contain viruses, ransomware, or malware, and often this method will not work. Fixing this frustrating error with the Bink Video codec is a simple, safe, and effective solution.

If not already have, Install Winrar, 7zip or any other such software. You may find the download link in the video description.

Download WinRar Or 7Zip

You can download Winrar from here or 7zip from here and install any of your favourite ones. We have Winrar installed, and we will use it to extract the Bink video codec installer.

Download And Install Bink Video Codec

Download Bink Video codec from here. Please note down the password. The password is RAD in capital letters.

After downloading it, Extract Bink Video Codec.

Type the password.

After extract, Launch the installer.

Installation is complete. The error should be fixed.

Restart Your PC And Game

Many problems and errors can be fixed by restarting. Close your game and then relaunch it.

Try rebooting your computer If relaunching the game does not help.

Installing DirectX Could Fix Binkw32.DLL Missing Error

Make sure your device has DirectX installed. Download and install the required or latest version of DirectX.

Whether you are using a DVD, or have downloaded the game from the internet, there is a folder that contains all the required components. Locate the folder and install the components.

Uninstall And Reinstall Games To Fix Binkw32.DLL Missing Error

In many cases, uninstalling and reinstalling games that need this DLL file has effectively fixed this error.

If you have made any progress in your favourite game, backup your save games, user profile files, etc. These files are usually found in your Documents folder.

For better results, We suggest using a third-party software uninstaller to completely uninstall games installed from CDs or DVDs.

Revo Uninstaller, Soft Organizer, IObit Uninstaller are among the best software uninstallers. Here is the list of Best Free Software Uninstallers For Windows

The same applies to Steam, Epic Games, and other online game distribution services. Hopefully, it will fix the error.

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Is My Graphics Card Could Cause Binkw32.DLL Missing Error?

The missing Binkw32.DLL error and your graphics card have nothing to do with each other. This error does not appear, if your device has a low-end or unsupported graphics card.

Do Missing, Outdated Graphics Card Drivers Cause Binkw32.DLL Missing Error?

Updating and installing missing graphics card drivers is just as important as having a graphics card to play games. However, there is no link between graphics card drivers and this annoying error.

Final Words

Hopefully, one of the suggested solutions has been effective for you to fix this error. We hope you can now play your favourite game with no errors.

You can ask team Soft Suggester If we could not correctly explain any crucial points. We will try our best to assist you.

Use the comment section for leaving questions, suggestions, and feedback.


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