How To Fix api-ms-win-downlevel-kernel32-12-1-0.dll is missing Epic Games/Fortnite On Windows 11/10/8/7?

Today’s tutorial will assist you to fix the api-ms-win-downlevel-kernel32-12-1-0.dll error. This annoying error does not let you use Epic Games Launcher.

We have fixed this error on a Windows 11 powered machine. This guide is also effective for the users of Windows 10, Windows 8, and Windows 7.

According to science and psychology, If you are not badly addicted, playing video games helps reduce stress.

On the other hand, This is a fact that a bug or error that does not let you enjoy your favorite game, definitely increases the level of stress.

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It often happens with the users of game launchers on Windows devices. You could come across plenty of errors If a game launcher of your choice is not properly installed along with the required components.

The users of Epic Games Launcher frequently api-ms-win-downlevel-kernel32-12-1-0.dll missing and a big list of other errors.

Games and Epic Games Launcher itself require some additional Windows components. It will not be possible to use Epic Games Launcher or play games through Epic Games Launcher If you don’t update your copy of Windows and the required components are missing or corrupted due to any reasons.

Once you install all required components, The errors will no longer stop you from using Epic Games Launcher and playing games.

Visual C++ Redistributable Package and Microsoft .Net Framework 4.5 are required components. You can’t use Epic Games Launcher If these things are not installed.

Download C++ Redistributable 2015-2019

You can download C++ Redistributable 2015-2019 from here and then install it. Download according to your system type 32bit or 64bit.

Install Visual C++ Redistributable Package 2015-2019

After the download completes, install the Visual C++ Redistributable Package.

After the installation is complete, restart your device. The error should be fixed. Install .Net Framework 4.5, If the error still persists.

Download Microsoft .Net Framework 4.5 Offline Installer

Download Microsoft .Net Framework 4.5 offline installer from here and install.

Hopefully, this will fix the error.

If installing Visual C++ Redistributable and .Net Framework does not manage to fix the error, Try manually putting Api-ms-win-downlevel-kernel32 1-1-0.dll file in required folders.

Download Api-ms-win-downlevel-kernel32 1-1-0.dll

You can download this DLL file from here.

Watch Video Tutorial

How To Manually Install Api-ms-win-downlevel-kernel32 1-1-0.dll ?

After the download completes, Extract the DLL file with WinRar, 7zip, or any other zip extractor software.

Copy the extracted file and then go to Drive or where you have installed Epic Games Launcher.

If Epic Games Launcher is installed on Drive C, Open up Program Files. Otherwise directly go to the Epic Games folder If the launcher is installed on another partition.

We have installed it on Drive C and we are going to open the Epic Games folder from the Program Files
Open up the Launcher folder.

Navigate to the Engine folder.

Open up Binaries.

There will be a folder named Win64 inside Binaries. Open it up and paste or put the required DLL file here.

After this step, Go to Drive C or where the Windows is installed. We have installed Windows on Drive C.

Navigate to the Windows folder and open up the System32 folder and paste the required DLL file. Please reboot your computer for these changes to take effect. After restart, The error will be fixed for sure.

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Final Words

Hopefully, this tutorial helps you fix this annoying error and Epic Games Launcher is working fine on your device.

You may contact us If we could not properly cover any crucial point. We will try our best to help you.

Leave your questions, suggestions, and feedback in the comment box.


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