How To Fix Error 0x80070006 Windows 10 Update Error? For All Windows 10 Versions

Today’s tutorial will help you solve How to solve error 0x80070006 while Windows 10 updates. I urge you to follow  this article till the end to avoid any inconvenience and time wasting.

Windows 10 Updates – An Annoying Thing



No matter whatever Windows version You use, Getting regular updates from Microsoft is inevitably very important. If you turn off Windows updates, then Your copy of Windows is an open invitation to hackers to get into your PC as well as Windows will start performing sluggishly.

Main Reasons Why Windows 10 Users Turn Off Updates?



Despite the importance of Windows updates, Most of the Microsoft Windows users prefer to turn off Windows updates. Windows 10 is a perfect and living example.


As far as my personal experience is concerned, There are 3 main reasons Why most of Windows 10 and other version users turn off Windows update.


Windows updates slow down your PC no matter you’re using a high end PC or a PC with low system resources. It becomes very difficult for you to use your PC while downloading and installing Windows updates specifically on Windows 10.


Since Windows updates are downloaded from Microsoft servers, therefore You have to encounter slow web browsing and downloading.


If anything goes wrong while all the process, then a hardware, software or a Windows component may stop working and even sometimes your PC would not boot up.


Like many other Windows 10 users do, I turned off Windows 10 updates. After a month, I turned on Windows updates. But I got error 0x80070006 when I clicked check for updates.



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Okay! Let’s Come To The Solution


I searched on Google and YouTube for the solution and but nothing worked everything I got from blogs, forums and YouTube. The only option left was to clean install Windows 10.


Before go for clean install Windows 10, I decided to give a try to a tiny utility called Windows update Minitool. Surprisingly, it worked like a charm and this free to use piece of software managed to download and install Windows 10 updates without any problem and with ease.


The best thing is that this sumptuous piece of software gives you the freedom to do Windows update when you want and when you have free time.

Use Windows Update MiniTool To Fix Windows 10 Updates Error 0x80070006



I have not tested Windows update Minitool on Windows 7 and windows 8. But It works great in Windows 10 and it is very easy to use and even you don’t need to install it.


All you need to do is turn on Windows 10 update If turned off and then download and extract it and then use it. You may download from here.


On the left hand side, Click first button with two round arrows to check for updates.


It will return with available Microsoft updates and drivers updates.


Next to it, there are two arrows icons, first one lets you only download updates and second one does both jobs. It first downloads and then installs updates.


In addition, by clicking last option, You can copy the download links to clipboard to download with Internet download manager or any other third party download manager.

Final Words!



I know this is not an adequate solution to error 0x80070006 But this free to use utility keeps your PC up to date for sure. This tiny utility impressed me a lot. It saves you time and keeps your PC up to date.


I do hope you find today’s tutorial informative and helping to get regular updates.


Please don’t forget to share your experience about this software and do share If you know about any other such a software.


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