Fix Facebook Video Won’t Play Chrome Facebook Video Not Play Facebook Video Chat Black Screen

This tutorial will help you If your copy of Google Chrome can’t play Facebook, YouTube and other videos properly.

Upon playing a video, You hear the sound, but video won’t play. In addition, You can fix the Facebook video chat black screen problem in Google Chrome by following this tutorial.

In this video, I will be sharing 6 potential solutions to this problem.

Video Tutorial

1)-Update Google Chrome

Make sure your copy of Windows or any installed software is regularly updated. Updates are as important as having an antivirus. Updates address security issues, bring new features and fix errors.

Update your copy of Google Chrome. Though It does not work all the time, but It could fix the issue.

To update Google Chrome, At the top right, Click the icon with three dots.

Hover mouse cursor over help and click about Google Chrome.

It will automatically start checking for updates and If updates are available It will automatically download and install updates.

If you get any errors here, then download the Google Chrome installer, close Chrome and then installs Chrome.

Hopefully It will fix the issue. Let’s move to the next solution If the problem still persists.

2)-Restart Your PC

The second option is restarting your computer. Though It does not work in all situations But It helps.
Restarting your PC will help Chrome fix the problem by itself.

But as per my experience, This option is not a permanent solution. This issue could come back when You turn on your PC after shutdown. Give it a try hoping It will work.

3)-Disable Hardware Acceleration

Third option which could help you get rid of this annoying problem is disabling hardware acceleration in Chrome.

To Disable Hardware Acceleration, Click the icon with three dots at the top right.

Go to settings.

Click on Advanced to expand.

Press F3 to bring search bar.

Now search for Hardware Acceleration.

Turn it off, If It’s turned on

Restart Google Chrome and Check If disabling hardware acceleration fixed or not.

4)-Check Javascript Setting

You may face this problem If Javascript is disabled in your copy of Google Chrome. Enabling Javascript could help you get rid of the issue.

To enable Javascript, All you need to do is Click the icon with three dots at the top right.

Go to settings.

Click on Advanced to expand.

Go to Content settings.

Expand Javascript.

Enable it if It is disabled, restart your computer and then play videos, I hope enabling Javascript will fix the issue.

5)-Disable Extensions

Some Chrome extensions also cause this annoying issue. Some extensions like Ad-blockers and others disable some core features of Google Chrome.

Though It does not work all the time, but Disabling installed extensions could help you fix the error. Don’t disable all extensions at once. Disable installed extensions one after one and then check If It helps or not.

6)-Uninstall And Reinstall Google Chrome

The last option that I can suggest you to fix this annoying error is completely uninstalling Google Chrome with settings and leftovers.

Before you remove Google Chrome, Please keep in mind, If you don’t use Google account to sign into Google Chrome for synchronization then You will lose bookmarks, saved usernames, password, installed extensions and other things.

Before you remove Chrome, Please download and save Google Chrome installer.

Download Revo Uninstaller

I would like to suggest to use Revo Uninstaller to remove Google Chrome completely with leftovers. This uninstaller software is free and safe to use.

Download and install Revo Uninstaller from here.

How To Use Revo Uninstaller

Open Revo Uninstaller.

Highlight Google Chrome from the list of all installed software and then click uninstall.

Check mark also delete your browsing data and click uninstall.

It has uninstalled Chrome. You now need to tick mark Advanced scan option and click Scan button to scan for leftovers, files, folders and registry items.

Select all and click delete.

Click YES.

Select all and click delete.

Click Finish to exit.

You can now reinstall Google Chrome. I hope This will solve the issue for sure.

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Final Words

Team Soft Suggester / Software Geeks hopes You find this tutorial useful and informative. Please use the comment section and do share any other option to get rid of this error.

Please let us know If you run into any problems by using the comment section. We will try to help you solve your problem.


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