5 Best Folder Lock Software For Windows 10/7/8 – Free Folder Laptop Lock Software

This list has been compiled for those Who are looking for a feature rich software to lock or hide folders and files.

This list contains 5 best Folder lock software to lock or hide folders and files. for Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 and Windows Vista. We’ve chosen both free and paid file and folder lock programs.

While compiling this list, We’ve focused on 4 things encryption, updates, advertisements and password recovery.

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Folder Lock

Folder Lock truly deserves to top the list. This useful piece of software is more than a conventional folder locking program.

File and folder locker lets you lock files, folders and even an entire hard drive partition. It actually hides your desired content which Windows can’t unhide without opening Folder Lock that needs a password.

Folder Lock is capable of encrypting files, folders and partitions. It creates a virtual partition where you can keep your important files and folder and encrypt them.

In addition to local hard drive, It can make USB, memory cards, external hard drives, CD/DVD discs and email attachments password protected.

Folder Lock also comes with password wallet. You can create multiple wallets to securely store bank, credit card, usernames, passwords and other sensitive information.

People behind Folder Lock offers real-time backup of encrypted files, and stores it in the cloud. You have to create an account to use the cloud backup service.

Registered users can recover password by submitting license key to their support team. Free users can contact social media handles for password recovery.

Folder Lock is frequently and regularly updated and Its free trial can be used 30 times While The price tag for full version of Folder Lock is 40$.

Download Free Trial From Here

Wise Folder Hider

Wise Folder Hider is another well known and remarkable software for Windows users to hide and lock files and folders with ease.

Wise Folder Hider is offered in free and premium formats. Though You can lock files and folders in free version, But Its paid version some additional security benefits.

Wise Folder Hider Pro lets you encrypt your files and folders. Premium version prevents third party programs from reading or finding your files.

In Wise Folder Hider Pro version, You can set a second level password for each item in addition to log in or master password.

It creates a virtual partition where Its users can keep important files and folder and encrypt them.

Wise Folder Hider works for a file, folder and USB flash drive. You don’t find an option for a whole partition. Premium version of Wise Folder Hider is available priced at 30$.

They offer two options If you forgot password. To recover passwords, You can either upgrade to pro version or buy the password retrieve service.

Discount is here – Download Free From Here

iObit Protected Folder

Protected Folder is one of the best available options to protect data from prying eyes. This software to protect files and folders comes with a simple and easy to understand user interface.

You are provided with three lock options, In addition to hide for Windows Explorer and other programs, Other two options don’t hide files and folder But No one can modify, delete, copy, move without entering password.

But the downside is that these settings can only be applied for all items not for a specific file or folder.

Protected Folder is a paid data protection tool Which is available priced at 20$. Its free trial lets you hide or lock 20 items free of charge. We could not find any option in Protected Folder for password recovery.

Download Free Trial From Here

WinMend Folder Hidden

WinMend Folder Hidden is a free to use software for Windows users to hide files and folders. Although This is a totally free to use folder lock software But It’s still free of advertisements and other things.

WinMend Folder Hidden has a truly easy and straightforward user interface. It lets you hide files and folders.

The downside is that Anyone can change password to get a hold of your hidden files and folder, if you leave WinMend Folder Hidden open. It does not ask for the old password.

In addition, We could not find any option for password recovery in WinMend Folder Hidden. We don’t know when last time It was updated.

Download It Free From Here


SecretFolder is another lightweight and free to use Windows software for file and folder lock. This is a free to use folder. This is why Its users have to bear advertisements in this content lock software.

People behind SecretFolder help you recover forgotten password. You have to set a recovery email when you open it for the first time. Whenever you need to recover. They send you a recovery key through which you can set a new password. Recovery key is only sent once a day.

SecretFolder is designed for the users of Windows 10, 7, 8 and Windows Vista. SecretFolder frequently gets updates to fix bugs and other compatibility issues.

Download It From Here

Final Words

We hope you find this list informative and You’ve found What you were looking for.


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