4 Best Open Source Free Software To Edit Videos On Windows 11/10/8/7, Mac, Linux PC Without Watermark

In today’s compiled list, We will share 4 easy to use, free, best and lightweight video editing programs. All of 4 added programs to today’s list support Windows 11, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.

There are plenty of free to use video editing programs and But, While compiling this list, We did not add all available free to use video editors to this list.

There are two main reasons for not adding all available free video editing programs.

You need plenty of time to master most of free video editing programs. In addition, You need to have a high end PC to run video editors We’ve not added to this list.

This list is compiled for the general or home users not for professional use. We have tested nearly all available free video editors and chosen 4 best, lightweight and truly free to use softwares to edit videos on a Windows, Mac OS and Linux powered PC.

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All added programs are easy to use and work smoothly on a computer with low end processor and 1 or 2GB of RAM. These programs can be used on Mac OS, Linux and Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8 and Windows 7.

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Icecream Video Editor

We found Icecream Video Editor a fun and truly easy to use video editing software. Its graphical user interface is easy to understand for both unpractised and experienced Windows users alike.

This lightweight video editor lets you edit existing videos and create new videos from scratch with photos and text. Music and voice over can also be added to videos.

You can trim, cut unwanted parts and merge multiple video clips into a single video file. Color correction, rotate, flip, crop and other tools are at your disposal as well.

In addition, Transitions and video effects can be added to make videos more visually pleasing.

This Video Editor is new in town and For the time being, Ice Cream Video Editor is a free to use video editing software. But Ice Cream Video Editor could go paid in near future.

Icecream Video Editor can be used on Windows 10, Windows 11, Windows 8 and Windows 7 powered devices. It is regularly updated.

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Olive video editor

Olive video editor is a new addition in the world of video editing programs. This lightweight video editing software is free to use and open source.

Olive video editor is a non-linear video editor. It’s a free yet good alternative to Sony Vegas.

Though You may take some time to understand the user interface of Olive video editor But You don’t need hours of practice to properly use it. It is easy to edit existing videos and make new videos with photos and text.

Using crop, merge, cut and other tools is easy, But You need some practice to learn how to apply effects and add transitions.

Olive video editor is designed for three most used and famous operating systems. It supports Microsoft Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

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OpenShot is one of many video editing programs currently available on the market Which aimed at the average user. This free to use and open source video editor is truly easy to use and user friendly. It works smoothly on an average PC.

You don’t need to be an expert in video editing. It’s very easy to edit videos and make new videos with photos, text and other content.

It can be used to cut out unwanted parts of videos. It’s capable of merging multiple video clips into one video file. You can also use crop, rotate and other editing tools.

In addition, Video transitions and video effects can be used to make videos more engaging and attractive.

This free and open source video editor is regularly updated. OpenShot supports four most used and popular operating systems. It is designed for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, FreeBSD and Linux.

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Kdenlive Video Editor

Kdenlive is another easy to use and lightweight piece of software to edit and make new videos. This is a free to use video editor with open source license.

Although, In the beginning, The user interface seems complicated and difficult to understand, But It’s not. You just need 5 to 10 minutes to understand How do things work in Kdenlive video editor.

It has all the tools You may expect in a good video editor. You can create new videos with video clips, text, audio and other stuff. Existing videos can be edited by using cut, crop, trim, merge and other editing tools.

Video transitions and video effects can be used to make videos more engaging and attractive. It also offers audio effects. As well as, It features an audio extractor.

In addition, You can download and install additional transitions and effects from its official websites. import audio, photos, videos from internet.

Kdenlive video editor has a tool through which You can import audio from Freesound.org, videos from Archive.Org and images from Open Clip Art without leaving the program.

Users of Microsoft Windows, Mac OS and Linux can use Kdenlive video editor free of cost. Kdenlive video editor frequently gets updates.

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Final Words

We people behind Soft Suggester & Simple Tutorials are quite hopeful that this compiled list has been informative and useful to you. Please share any other free yet feature rich video editors in the comment section. We will update this post. We would love to hear your suggestions, questions and feedback.


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