9 Best GarageBand Alternatives For Android And Windows 11/10/7/8

It is one of the most widely used digital audio workstations (DAW) developed by Apple Inc. This application is available on all Apple devices (both Mac OS and iOS).

GarageBand has almost all instruments necessary for recording. Besides, there are about 250 preinstalled loops for those users who wish to work with pre-recorded tracks.

While GarageBand is widely popular and its users are thoroughly satisfied, here is a list of 9 best alternatives for the application.

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Walk Band

This is often considered as one of the best alternatives of GarageBand for Android users.

It has almost all features of GarageBand including the various instruments, the recording, mastering, and mixing features.

Users can choose up to 50 musical instruments within the app. They can connect their USB MIDI instruments to their smartphones and the Walk Band app shall detect it.

Users can also record their voice, or any external audio and mix it with the instrumental track. Thus, if one has been satisfied using the GarageBand platform, they will for sure, like using this Walk Band platform too.

Available for Android users


Another great alternative for the GarageBand application is BandLab. It is a promising new app for Android users.

It allows the users to create music from scratch. They can record, edit and create even multi-track music using the wide variety of features it has to offer.

There are several effects for vocals and hundreds of sound packs and loops. The library of the two platforms is quite similar.

The best part about BandLab is, it runs a social network of musicians where one can publish their tracks, get to know other musicians and their music, collaborate with them, and create music together.

Available for iOS, Android and PC users

Magix Music Maker Jam

This application helps its users create music by combining pre-recorded loops.

There are at least 100+ music styles and 8 mixer channels that help the user produce a wide variety of music and give plenty of room for creativity.

Not only does this app help combine loops, but it also lets the user record voice externally through a microphone.

Users can discover new genres and new music in the Magix Music Maker community where other users share their creations.

Available for iOS, Android and PC users

n-Track Studio Music DAW

This app turns an Android device into a complete recording studio.

Both audio and MIDI tracks can be recorded and played back on this platform, which can further be mixed, effects can be added and the quality of the recording enhanced.

Users can use either mono or stereo recording of up to 11 tracks in the free version (and unlimited in premium versions).

A great feature and advantage of using this particular DAW is, its built-in MIDI synthesizer that offers 128 general MIDI instrument sound.

Besides these instrument sounds, there is a piano roll MIDI editor, a spectrum analyzer, and a step sequencer among the various other features of the built-in MIDI synth.

A large number of effects like reverb, pitch shift, chorus, echo, etc can be added to the user’s track.

A 64-bit double-precision floating-point engine is also supported by the n-Track Studio Music DAW, which is mostly found on other Android DAW.

This is definitely one of the most feature-rich alternatives to GarageBand.

Available for iOS, Android and PC users

Song Maker

This particular application lets users create tracks using pre-recorded tracks, loops, beats, and rhythms.

One does not need to plug in their guitar, keyboard, etc to develop and record raw tracks and then later use it for playback.

In this regard, it is very similar to GarageBand as that too offers a wide variety of such tools and features (like pre-recorded loops) using which users are able to create and produce great music.

Available for iOS, Android and PC users

FL Studio

It is a multi-track recording DAW which is also available in a PC version. It offers 133 high-quality instruments (almost similar to those on the GarageBand platform), each of which can be set and configured as per the user’s choice.

It comes with a wide range of effects like the amp, reverb, EQ, limiter, etc.

There are plus 99 track sequencers and intuitive editing options that FL Studio offers its users. Also, users may undo and redo their work multiple times. Any MIDI track can be imported and exported.

Available for iOS, Android and PC users

Audio Evolution

It is a complete DAW where users may do the multi-track recording.

While the approach remains the same, this platform is more suited for slightly advanced users.

The overall features remain the same, more or less. Although there is an in-built piano roll, users may connect their external MIDI keyboard and use the MIDI sequencer available on this platform.

Available for iOS, Android and PC users

J4T Multitrack Recorder

Unlike the Audio Evolution platform, this application has a more simplified approach.

It is a 4-track recorder. Just like the previously mentioned platforms, this too has a lot of effects to offer and lets users work with pre-recorded tracks.

Available for iOS, Android and PC users

uFXloops Music Studio

This is a highly versatile music studio favored by those who are more into hip-hop, trance, electro, and techno genres.

There are several free features offered by this application like the sampler, beatmaker, loop sequencer, etc.

Though GarageBand is a much powerful tool, for the aforementioned genres, this platform serves just fine.

Available for Android users

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Final Words

We hope this list has been useful and informative to you.

These were some of the best alternatives to GarageBand. Depending on the need of the user, the genre they are into, they can make a choice from the list above.

Do let us know in the comment section If you use or know about any other good alternatives.


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