How To Download Drivers Without Internet Connection-Install Windows 10/8/7 Drivers Without Internet

In this article, I will be sharing ways to get drivers with and without the internet after clean install Windows. This video will help Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP users to download or get drivers.


Do clean install Windows with proper planning, In addition to other important things, To avoid any potential inconvenience, The best thing you can do is Download drivers before clean installation and store drivers on hard drive to use after performing clean installation.





Before Clean Installation


Search On Internet



Download drivers from official website of your brand you are using. To download drivers, Note down the brand and model number, It could be written anywhere on your desktop PC or laptop and then search on Google to find the download website. Download and save on a safe place to use after the installation.


You can use drivers DVD disk. You can buy from the market, according to your model number. You can copy drivers DVD to memory card or USB flash drive If your PC does not have a DVD drive. As well as, You can store drivers on hard drive for later use.



Use Driver Updater/Installer Programs With Offline Driver Database



If you don’t find drivers on the internet or you don’t have drivers DVD then You can go for Driver updater / installer software with offline driver database. These softwares have drivers for nearly all computers and laptops brands or models.


Buy a DVD or download Driverpack solution offline or any other driver updater software with offline drivers database and store it on the hard drive. It will help you install drivers without internet with ease.



After Clean Install



The real problem arises after clean installation when WI Fi or Ethernet can not be connected to the internet to download drivers or your PC does not have DVD drive.



Download On An Other PC



Download drivers on another computer and copy to memory card or USB pen drive and then install the drivers.



Downloading On Mobile/Tablet



Nowadays almost everyone has a phone with internet connectivity. If you can’t connect to the internet or have no any other computer to download drivers, then You can use your phone or Tablet device to download Wi Fi or Ethernet drivers to use the internet.


After download, Transfer downloaded drivers via memory card or USB data cable. Please use an external card reader instead of inserting the memory card into built in memory card slot. It may require drivers.


As well as, After clean installation, You can use drivers DVD, driver installer software with offline driver database and other previously mentioned options.


Team Software Geeks and Soft Suggester hopes You find today’s tutorial useful and informative. Please use the comment section and do share any other option to download drivers.


Please let us know If you run into any problems by using the comment section. We will try to help you solve your problem.


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