How To Convert Videos For Old TVs/PSP/Low-End Devices On Windows?

Today’s tutorial will teach you How to convert a video to other formats? We will not use any paid video conversion software for this purpose. We are going to use a free to use media player.

Can I Convert Videos Without Using Third-Party Video Converters On Windows PC?

If you’re a Windows 11 or Windows 10 user, you can easily convert videos to MP4 using Windows Video Editor. While it supports converting any video format, the downside is that it only allows converting to MP4.

For Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 7 users, Windows Movie Maker is a reliable option for video conversion. You can convert a variety of formats, including WMV, AVI, MOV, F4V, MKV, TS, 3GP, MPEG-2, and WEBM to MP4 (H264), WMV (WVC1), and MP4 (HEVC/H265). So, whether you’re using Windows 11 or an older version, Without any third-party video converter, you have options for converting your videos.

Use VLC Media Player To Convert Videos

If you don’t find yourself satisfied with Windows Video Editor Or Windows Movie Maker, We suggest using the VLC media player to convert videos to other audio or video formats.

In addition to other hidden features of VLC media player, This open-source media player is also capable of converting your audio, or video file to different kinds of file formats.

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While VLC media player may not offer as many features as a paid video converter, it is still a reliable option for converting videos to various formats. It can even handle conversions for older TVs and low-end smartphones, making it a versatile tool for those with less powerful devices.

VLC media player can convert videos to 4 audio formats and 11 video formats. This free media player gives full control over video resolutions and other things.

Download/Install VLC Media Player

If you don’t have VLC media player installed, Click here to download and install VLC media player.

Watch Video Guide

How To Use VLC Media Player As A Video Converter To Convert Videos?

After the installation is complete, Open up VLC media player.

From the file menu, Click on Media and then click open multiple files to access the video conversion tool.

Under the File tab, click on add to import or open videos to be converted.

Select the video you want to convert and open. You can open multiple videos as well.

Next to the play button, click on the down arrow and then click on convert.

From the profile drop-down menu, You can choose the video or audio format of your choice.

If you don’t have knowledge about format selection, You can choose a pre-defined profile for video players, Android, or iOS powered devices.

If you find yourself an expert, by click on the settings cog, You can modify profiles according to your requirements. From here, you can create your own profiles.

We are going to convert a MKV video to MP4 format.

Click on Browse and locate the location where you will find the converted copy of your video.

Click save

Click on start to begin the conversion process.

The conversion is complete and your video is ready to use.

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Final Words

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