How To Download Ubuntu ISO Image To Install On PC/Laptop/Netbook, Notebook/Virtualbox/VMware Player

You are going to learn How to download the ISO image file of Ubuntu latest version. Ubuntu ISO image file is used to make a Ubuntu installation DVD or bootable USB pen drive for Ubuntu clean installation.


What Is Ubuntu?


The Ubuntu operating system is very popular and regarded by many people as one of the safest alternatives to Microsoft Windows.


The best thing about Ubuntu is that it doesn’t require product keys like Windows, making it one of the most secure operating systems available for free with lifetime updates.


While Ubuntu is free and easy to download, there are Linux aficionados who do not know how to download Ubuntu or have problems downloading the ISO image file.


We are going to try to guide you step by step through the process of downloading and installing Ubuntu on any computer, laptop, netbook, notebook, virtual machine, and other devices.


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Minimum System Requirements For Ubuntu 21


Furthermore, make sure your device meets minimum system requirements before proceeding


Minimum System Requirements For Ubuntu 21 are


2 GHz dual-core processor or better.


4 GB RAM (system memory).


25 GB of free hard drive space for installation.


Either a DVD drive or a USB port for the installer media.


Internet access is helpful (for installing updates during the installation process).


Where To Download Ubunto ISO Image File From?


We would like to suggest you Don’t go for downloading the ISO image file from any file-sharing website, torrent website, or any other infamous place.


The official Ubuntu website is the best place to download and install the latest Ubuntu without any risk.


How To Download Ubunto ISO Image File?


Watch Video Tutorial


Head over to to download Ubuntu ISO files.


Go to the download page.


Ubuntu is available in 4 versions respectively Ubuntu Desktop, Ubuntu Server, Ubuntu Cloud, and Ubuntu Kylin. Here We assume You want to use Ubuntu for personal or general use.


Ubuntu Desktop is an appropriate version for you. Otherwise, You may download whatever version you need.


Click on Ubuntu Desktop to get the download links.


There are three downloading options, First one is the regular download option.


The second one is the network installer for those old PCs with no CD DVD drive and USB bootable support.


The third download option is Bittorrent. This option is useful for those Who use a slow or unreliable internet connection. You need to install uTorrent or any other BitTorrent client to use this option.


If you want to use the regular download option then choose the 32 or 64 Bit version from the drop-down menu and click the download button.


Start downloading.


You may also go for alternative downloads and torrents If You are not happy with this download option.


Go back to the download page and Click on Alternative downloads and torrents


On the next page, Scroll down the page until you find torrent download links to download your preferred version.


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Final Words


Hopefully, you will find today’s tutorial useful and easily download the ISO image of Ubuntu.


Please let us know if there are any issues using the comment section. Team Soft Suggester will try to resolve your issue as soon as possible.


Stay tuned, The next video tutorial is on how to make bootable USB in Windows to install Ubuntu


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