How To Extract ISO File In Windows 7 Without Burning?

Today’s tutorial will teach How to extract ISO files in Windows 7 without burning to CD, DVD discs? Though this video is being recorded on a Windows 7 PC, But given instructions can also be useful for the users of Windows Vista and Windows XP.

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Why Do I Have To Extract ISO Image Files?

Mostly biggest size software, games and other type of content is provided in shape of ISO images. To use content of an ISO image, We either have to mount it to a virtual drive or extract it.

Does Windows 7 Need Third Party ISO Extractors To Extract ISO Image Files?

Windows 7, Windows XP and other old versions don’t have a native utility to extract ISO images. You only find burn option when you right click on an ISO image.

You will have to go for a third party software for ISO image extraction. The best ISO image extraction software that can be suggested to use is WinRar.

It would be no exaggeration to say that WinRar is considered as a Windows built in software.

Download WinRar

Click here to download WinRar.

Download and install WinRar If you have not yet used it. Download it according to your system type.

After install, Right click on an ISO image file and open it with WinRar.

Now select all or highlight files you want to extract.

Click Extract to.

Choose the location where you want to extract.

WinRar has extracted this ISO image. In addition, You can also extract an ISO image directly from the context menu.

How Do I Run/Use ISO Files Without Extracting Or Burning On Windows 7?

Extraction procedure takes a lot of time for ISO images with huge size. As well as It occupies plenty of disk space. You can mount ISO images to a virtual DVD drive to use it as you use a DVD disc.

An ISO image mounter saves you time and disk space. There is a huge list of disk image programs. PowerISO is one of such programs. Though This is a paid software It can be used free of cost to mount ISO images to virtual DVD drive.

Download PowerISO

Download from here and install PowerISO.

How To Use PowerISO To Mount ISO Files As Virtual Drive?

After install PowerISO, We now need to configure virtual drive. Right click on an ISO image file.

Hover your mouse over PowerISO drop down menu.

Hover your mouse over set number of drives.

Choose how many virtual drives Do you need.

You now need to restart your computer for the changes to take effect.

After restart, Open PowerISO.

Click mount button to locate an ISO file to mount to virtual drive

You can now install software, games, delete, copy your desired files and whatever you want.

Final Words

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