How Do I Fix NSIS Error Installer Integrity Check Failed On Windows 11/10/8/7?

This step-by-step guide will assist you: How to fix the NSIS error? We are fixing the NSIS error on a Windows 11 powered device. All suggested solutions are also effective for Windows 10, Windows 8, and Windows 7.

There is no fixed solution to resolve the NSIS error. We suggest trying out all possible solutions one after one. We hope one of the suggested solutions will work out for you for sure.

Why do I get NSIS error? Reasons Behind NSIS Error

When you install a software, First it extracts installation files and then the actual software is installed.

You come across this error If the installer does not contain a complete set of installation files or the installer is corrupted.

If your copy of Windows Is infected with viruses, malware, and other harmful things, You could face this annoying error.

Watch Video Tutorial fix NSIS Error Installer Integrity Check Failed

Rename The Software/Game

Rename the installer and add .EXE or .MSI next to the name of the software and then install the software.

Re-Download Software/Game

incomplete software download could cause this annoying error. Something similar can happen to you If you are installing the software USB, external hard disk, and CD or DVD.

Re-download software from the official website and try to install the software. You should not get this error.

The bug possibly could be in the installer downloaded from the official website.

We suggest downloading your required software from third-party reputable download websites like Softpedia, FileHippo, CNet, and others.

Let’s try out the next solution If you are still having the same problem.

Run The Software As Administrator

Try launching the installer with administrative privileges. Mostly it resolves the issue.

All you need to do is right-click on the installer and then click on Run As Administrator option. The installation should begin.

Let’s move on to the next possible solution If running the installer as Administrator does not help you.

Launch Software Installer Via Command Prompt (CMD)

You can launch the installer with help of the command prompt to fix the error.

To run the installer through the command prompt, Go to the Start menu and type in CMD, and open up the command prompt.

Drag the installer and drop it into the command prompt.

Give space and add /NCRC, Make sure It is in capital letters and press Enter key.

The installation should begin.

Try Turning Off Windows Firewall

Its other functions aside, Windows Firewall is meant to monitor native and third-party programs.

Windows Firewall block When It senses the risk from changes, third-party programs make.

Sometimes It could be by mistake. If you trust the software you want to install, Disable Windows Firewall and then install the software.

To disable, Go to the start menu and type Windows Defender Firewall.

Open up Windows Defender Firewall from search results.

Click on Turn Windows Defender Firewall on or off from the left-side menu.

Tick-mark both Turn-off Windows Defender Firewall options and click OK to save the settings.

Try installing your required software once the settings are saved. The error should be resolved.

Similarly, third-party security suites have a firewall and you need to turn it off.

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Change System Language

It might sound weird to you but for some Windows users, changing system language comes in handy to resolve this error.

Third-party software come with an English user interface. Therefore you will have to change the system language If your system language is not English.

You can find tutorials on YouTube to change the system language.

Allow Windows To Get Updates

Updating your copy of Windows can fix this error. Let Windows download and install Windows updates.

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Use Windows Check Disk Utility

Using native check disk utility is highly recommended by experts and veteran Windows users. Frequently use check disk utility to check and fix hard drive errors.

Check disk utility can fix hard disk errors resulting in NSIS fix. To use the Check disk utility, go to the start menu and type CMD.

From search results, Right-click on CMD and run as Administrator.

Type CHKDSK in the command prompt and hit Enter.

After the process completes, try installing the software. The problem should be resolved.

Use Antivirus To Eliminate Viruses From Your Computer

There are plenty of viruses that damage computer files. If you are getting this error message, your Windows device may be infected with a virus.

This is often the case that USB or Memory cards get corrupted and data or files become unusable.

USB flash drives, Memory cards, and other storage devices are notorious for spreading the virus.

Consider using a third-party security suite and running a complete scan of Windows. This error will go away Once the virus, malware, and other harmful things are removed.

Use The Portable Version Of Software

Use the portable version of your required software, If all suggested solutions fail.

The portable version of a software does need to be installed. You can directly use it without conventionally installing.

Search on Google for the portable copy of your required software. There is a massive list of websites including the official website offering portable software suites.

Use An Alternative Of Your Required Software

In case none of the suggested fixes work for you, as a last resort, try using an alternative of your required program.

As the saying goes, everything has an alternative. Similarly, there is a substitute for every software.

You can find plenty of alternatives on the web if you use Google or any other search engine.

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Final Words

Hopefully, this tutorial has been helpful to you to get rid of this annoying error and you have managed to install your favorite software.

Share in the comment section which solution worked out for you. Let us know in the comment If you know about any other effective solution to this error.

Leave your questions, suggestions, and feedback in the comment section.


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