How to Get Windows Movie Maker For Windows 10 PC/Laptop To Create/Edit Videos

Since Windows 10 is the latest version of Microsoft Windows operating system, This is why, The general impression about Windows 10 is that Windows 10 is perfect in every way and No doubt This Windows version is best and magnificent version ever But It also has several shortcomings.


Absence of Windows Movie Maker in Windows 10 is a perfect example to prove it. You can use Windows Movie Maker, If you have upgraded from Windows 7 and 8 to Windows 10.

Officially, Windows 10 doesn’t have Movie Maker for the time being. Windows Movie Maker users are regretting uninstall Windows 7 or Windows 8 and install Windows 10 and as well as all those who bought a new Windows 10 powered PC or laptop.

Despite this fact, You can still use Windows Movie Maker on your copy of Windows 10. All you need to do is download and install Windows Essentials to get Movie Maker on Windows 10.

Download Windows Essentials offline installer



I would like to suggest you download Windows Essentials offline installer instead of its online installer to quickly install it.

Click here to download offline installer

As you can see on the download page, You can download installer of all languages, Click on your desired language to download it. I am going to download English installer.




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After having downloaded Windows Essentials offline installer, Let’s begin the installation process. Double click on it.

Here you have been presented two options install all of Windows Essentials and Choose the programs you want to install.


If you go for the first option, It’ll install unwanted programs along Windows Essentials. I recommend you choose the second one and exclude unwanted programs except photo gallery and Movie Maker.

Now you may click install button to install Windows Essentials.

The installation process takes a while, So sit back and keep calm.

Congratulation, You’ve successfully installed Movie Maker. you can now create and edit videos with text, pictures, audio and video files.

I hope you find today’s video tutorial helpful to get Movie Maker on a Windows 10 PC and laptop. Please feel free to contact me using the comment section If you run into any problem, I’ll do my level best to solve your problem.

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