How To Install Google Chrome On Ubuntu Without Terminal Commands?

How can you install Google Chrome on Ubuntu 20 without using complicated terminal commands? Follow this tutorial to find out how to do it!

Which Web Browser Comes Pre-Installed With Ubuntu?

Ubuntu comes pre-installed with the Mozilla FireFox web browser and there are many out there Who may want to use any other available modern web browser. As I wanted to install Google Chrome on my copy of Ubuntu.

I have been using the Windows operating system for several years and I know that Installing software in Microsoft Windows is as easy as pie, But I realized It’s not easy for a Windows user Who just installed any Linux-based operating system like me.

I downloaded the Google Chrome installer after having installed Ubuntu. By double-clicking on its installer, I tried to conventionally install Google Chrome, But nothing happened.

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How To Install Google Chrome On Ubuntu 20 Without Terminal?

Ultimately I decided to get help from Google and fortunately, I found instructions to install Google Chrome on Ask and I managed to install Google Chrome on my copy of Ubuntu.

And It was so easy to do as well. I thought of making a tutorial on the Google Chrome installation process on Ubuntu?

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Let’s begin the tutorial with downloading Google Chrome

How To Download Google Chrome For Ubuntu?

Go to Google.Com/chrome and click on download and since We want to download Chrome for Ubuntu Therefore checkmark Debian/Ubuntu option.

There is another you need to take into account. Here you need to find out whether your PC is a 32 or 64-bit machine.

How To Tell If Your Computer Is 32 Or 64-Bit In Ubuntu?

To find out this, Click the settings icon and then system settings.

Now double click on Details.

Here You can find out operating system type details. As I am using a 64 Bit machine. So this is why I am going to download the 64-bit version of Google Chrome.

Click Accept and install.

Here I would like to recommend you go for the Save File option instead of Open With. Click OK to complete the download process.

After having downloaded the Chrome installer, Go to the download folder.

Right-click on Google Chrome installer and select open with Ubuntu Software Center.

Click install.

Enter your password.

Congratulations, We have successfully installed Google Chrome on Ubuntu.

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Final Words

I hope you’ll find today’s tutorial on How to download and install Google Chrome on Ubuntu helpful and useful.

Please Do let me know If I could not explain anything properly or You run into any problem. You can use the comment section.

The comment section is the best place for your questions, suggestions, and feedback.


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