How To Read ePub Files On Windows 11/10/7/8 PC?

In this tutorial, You are going to learn How to read or open EPUB books on a Windows PC? We will share without and with EPUB reader methods to read EPUB books on Windows.

Though This tutorial is being made on a Windows 11 machine, You can follow the given instructions for Windows 10, Windows 8, and Windows 7 as well.

It would be fair to say that modern web browsers have replaced ebook readers to read ebooks on computers.

Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and other web browsers natively support PDF and other ebook formats.

You don’t need additional ebook readers to read books on your PC. However, eBook readers offer plenty of additional useful features.

The most common ebook format is PDF. There are also many other ebook formats available. EPUB is one of the ebook file formats that is not famous among ebook authors and ebook download websites.

Your web browser does not support the EPUB file format. You have to use a third-party ebook reader to read EPUB books on your PC.

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How To Read EPUB Books On Windows 11/10/8/7 Without Any EPUB Reader?

There is a workaround that enables you to read EPUB books without any third-party EPUB readers.

It would be no exaggeration to say that Winrar or 7zip are found on nearly all Windows-powered devices. You can use Winrar, 7zip, or any other file extractor software EPUB books to extract book files from EPUB files and read them in your web browser.

Download Winrar, 7zip, Or Any Other File Extractor Software

You can find a massive list of file extractor programs on Google. However, We suggest using Winrar. Winrar features a user-friendly interface.

Download Winrar from here.

How To Extract EPUB Files With Winrar?

After Winrar installation, Right-click on the EPUB file and hover the mouse cursor over the Open With menu, and click on Winrar. If you don’t find Winrar, click on Choose Another App to locate Winrar.

Click on Extract and then choose the location.

You can find book files in the OEBPS folder. You can now read books in Chrome and other web browsers.

Use An EPUB Reader Browser Extension/Add-On To Read EPUB Books In Your Browser

If you don’t like extracting EPUB files or find it difficult, You can install an EPUB extension in your web browser to read EPUB books.

You can check the Firefox add-ons store, Microsoft Edge Add-ons, and Chrome web store for the EPUB reader extension.

Install an EPUB reader extension with a high rating. And don’t forget to read reviews made by users.

Don’t Like EPUB Extension? Use EPUB Readers

If the browser or browser EPUB extensions don’t meet your needs, We recommend using a third-party ebook reader to read EPUB books with a list of useful reading features like bookmark manager and others.

Sumatra PDF is one of the best and most lightweight eBook readers with EPUB format support. This tabbed book reader lets you open multiple PDF, Epub, and other eBooks in a single window.

You can use Sumatra PDF for free and for commercial use as an Epub reader. Despite being free and open-source, Sumatra PDF is free of any web browser toolbar, indecent ads, and bloatware.

It also supports PDF, Mobi, and other eBook file extensions. Sumatra PDF does not have a library feature, which is a downside.

We have compiled a list of free and best Epub Readers.

Final Words

We hope ebook lovers find this guide useful and informative. Hopefully, You can now read EPUB books on your PC.

If you come across any problem, Let us know in the comment section We will try our best to help you.

Do use the comment section for suggestions, questions, and feedback.


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