How To Tag Photos In Windows 11/10/8/7 PC?✏Best Ways To Tag/Label Photos On Windows PC/Laptop ?

This guide will assist you How to tag photos on Windows 11 for free? We have used a Windows 11 device for the tutorial. The given instructions can also be followed for Windows 10, Windows 8, and Windows 7.

Before diving into this guide, We would like to clarify that this guide is not about how to organize or clean up the photo mess. We will describe how you can add or edit metadata to digital photos and tag them.

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How To Tag Photos From File Properties?

There is an option on all Windows versions, that you can find in a file or photo’s properties. You can use this option to tag photos and edit other metadata, But this option doesn’t apply to all types of files in Windows.

We tried to tag video files. Tagging MP4 and a few other video file formats is possible. You will not be able to tag and edit metadata of MKV and other video file formats.

To tag a photo, Right-click on it and go to properties.

Go to the Details tab. Here you can add comments, change the date, add tags and edit other metadata details. Click OK to save the settings.

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How To Tag Photos In Windows Or File Explorer?

If you want to tag a few photos from properties, this is a good option. But tagging hundreds of digital photos can be tedious and time-consuming. Windows Explorer relatively lets you do this quickly and easily.

To tag photos in Windows Explorer, click on View and hover your mouse cursor over the Show menu, and then choose Details Pan.

Highlight a photo and then you will see the preview of the highlighted photo on the right side. Here you can add tags and add or edit other things.

Click Save to save the changes made by you.

Use Third-Party Software To Tag Photos

You can use third-party photo tagging programs if you want to tag photos more quickly and effectively. There is a massive list of free and paid photo tagging software available on the internet.

iTag is one of them. We have tested this free photo tagging application and it works really well. In addition to photos, This freeware photo tagging software supports tagging video files.

Not all video formats are supported. It can tag MP4 and a few other video file formats. We tried to tag an MKV video file. But it failed.

It has a built-in photo previewer and video player. The downside is the built-in media player does not let you forward and reverse. You can launch your default media player by double-clicking on a video file.

Download iTag

You can download iTage from here free.

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Final Words

Hopefully, this quick guide has been informative and useful to you. We hope one of the suggested ways helps you tag photos with ease.

If you know or use any other good software to tag photos, Please do share in the comment section. You can use the comment box to contact us for help or any clarification If we could not cover any crucial points.

Leave your questions, feedback, and suggestions in the comment box.


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