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How To Use Any Video Converter | Any Video Converter Conversion/Video Editing Tutorial (P1)

How To Use Any Video Converter (Part 1) | Video Conversion And Video Editing

Today, I’ve decided to create a video tutorial on how to use Any Video Converter? I will try to cover all tools or features of Any Video Converter, Such as downloading  videos from video sharing websites, converting, editing videos and burning DVD discs. If you have Any Video Converter Ultimate, You will find instructions about how to use it to record desktop screen as well.

You might not be aware of this piece of information, that, In addition to Any Video Converter free, Any-video-converter.com team also offers its paid version ,called Any Video Converter Ultimate, with a couple of additional functions. Any Video Converter Ultimate comes packed with a screen recorder and DVD menu templates.

Any Video Converter free forces you install bundled software, though, But you can get around these suggestions by paying a little attention while installing Any Video Converter free.

There is another suggestion is that download Any Video Converter offline installer from the official website to make the installation process safer and quicker.

Before proceeding furthermore, Please note, I’ve decided to split this video tutorial into three parts. So you do not get bored.

Now, Everything is on the table. Let me start today’s video tutorial on How to use Any Video converter free and Any Video converter Ultimate?

After installing Any Video Converter, You will find a tab-based sophisticated user interface. It looks like Google Chrome. Here as you can see there are 3 tabs in Any Video Converter free version, respectively convert video, burn DVD and Play video and If you go for Any Video Converter Ultimate, then you will find 4 tabs, convert video, burn DVD, record video and Play video.

Under convert video tab, There are 5 buttons.

Add Disc lets you load an audio CD to be ripped. In Any Video Converter Ultimate, You can also import a DVD folder and a DVD ISO file.

Add Video lets you locate a video or multiple videos to be converted. You can also import an audio file to be converted to another format.

Add Url button can be utilized to download your favorite videos from 6 highly renowned video sharing websites including Facebook, YouTube, DailyMotion and others.

From here, You can choose an output profile that suits your smart phone, Tablet PC and any other multimedia device. As you can see Any Video Converter puts a huge list of video pre-sets or pre-defined output profiles at your disposal. You will find an appropriate with best conversion settings for your device. As well as you are allowed to customize the settings. If you do so, Either file size gets increased or you may see a quality loss after the completion conversion process.

And next button is convert now to kick start the conversion process.

Through Add or Drag files button you can import an audio or video file to be converted with ease.

On the right hand side, There is a player to preview imported video or audio files.

Beneath player, Here you can see settings to play with. You can increase or decrease quality by playing with these parameters.

On the lower left hand side, There is a button through which you can hide and show media manager displaying conversion, downloaded and converted content.

Let’s convert a video file. Click add or drag files and import your desired video file.

After importing a video file, You need to pick up your preferred output profile. For an example, You use Apple iPhone, then select Apple iPhone and then model number. These settings are best settings though, But You can trim down or raise the quality by playing with the parameters.

You can alter the resolution size.

You can change video codec.

You can trim down video and audio bit rate and frame rate and even you can exclude audio from video in order to reduce file size after conversion.

If you want to convert multiple videos in one go? You can use Any Video Converter batch conversion feature. All You need to do is check all imported videos to be converted in one go.

If you are all done,,, Now click convert button to kick start the conversion process.

As far as output folder in Any Video Converter is concerned. Output folder is set My Video by default. But you are allowed to change the output folder in Any Video Converter.

To do so, You can find a setting radio button at top right upper side. Click on setting radio button to reach the option to change output folder. As well as Here you can access or set output or destination folder for snapshots. You can get  advantage of this facility using media player in Any Video Converter.

In Any Video Converter ultimate, You will find an option to set or access output or destination folder of screen recorder.

You can change language in setting section. As Any video converter team puts numerous languages at your disposal to choose from.

Let me demonstrate How to use Any Video Converter to add subtitles to a video?

After importing a video,  If you look closely, you can find an option giving you two choices no subtitle and add subtitle. If You want to add a subtitle then you just need to click add subtitle to locate a subtitle file to be added to your desired video.


Now, Respected subscribers, Let me cover video editing portion of Any Video Converter.

Video editing portion of Any Video Converter contains joiner, video cropping tool, text and photo video watermarking tool, video rotating tool and cool video effects.

Video joiner helps you merge multiple video and audio clips into one file. In order to use video joiner tool, You need to look closely at the bottom to reach video joiner tool. If you want to merge multiple video and audio clips into one file, Just turn it on, otherwise let it be turned off.

After turning video joiner on and choosing your preferred output profile, Click convert now button to merge multiple clips into a single file.

Now, you’ll see how to cut clips from a video using Any Video Converter?

After importing a video, You can find a scissor icon upon imported video, Click on it to reach the tool to cut clips from a video.

Set a start and end point using these buttons. Click apply and ok and you are done. And do not forget to click convert now button.

Now, A bit about video cropping tool, text and photo video watermarking tool, video rotating tool and cool video effects in Any Video Converter.

After importing a video, You can access these 4 tools by clicking on the magic wand upon an imported video.

This tool helps you crop and rotate your desired video.

This tool can be used to apply cool video effects to your video and as well as you can adjust brightness, contrast and saturation by playing with the parameters.

Watermarking tool is designed to help you putting photo and text watermarks.

Click apply and OK to exit from this section. And Now, click convert now button to apply all settings.

Now, I am going to demonstrate you, How to download online videos using Any Video Converter.

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