How To Use Format Factory To Convert Videos ?

Format factory is one of those freeware video conversion software that are used widely. It is one of the best and most used video converters to convert video and audio files between various formats and it also can be used as an image, ripper and video editor with basic video editing functions. This tutorial is about how to use Format Factory?

The User Interface Of Format Factory

After installing Format factory, As you can see there are four tabs respectively, Task, Skin, Language and help on the top left hand side.

Using Task, you can start, stop conversion, save, load tasks if you are in a hurry, If you want to do other work you can minimize it to system tray and dig into options to make the desired settings.

Skin button will help you change the overall looks of Format factory If you are one of those who get bored very quickly and always like changes in everything they deal with.

If you want to know how to change Format Factory language? Follow these instructions. On the top left hand side, Click on the language. This will bring three options in front of you respectively Auto, English as a default language and select more languages.

You need to click select more languages. Here you can select your desired one. If you want to re-select English. Simply click on default or English button. If you are stuck somewhere it will help you go back.

As far as available languages are concerned, PC Free puts a huge list of languages at your disposal. I was pleasantly surprised when I found Urdu in available languages.

Help tab contains a help file, Home page shortcut and other things.

Beneath this section.There are 7 options you need to understand before using it and learn How does Format Factory work ? These options respectively are output folder, option, remove, clear list, start, stop and WPS.

by pressing output folder button to find converted files, You can quickly access its Output folder where Format Factory stores converted videos after complete the conversion process.

Option button lets you make settings as per your needs about its all functions. If you don’t find yourself good at understanding and making settings, then leave them default.

Next buttons are remove and clear list, you can remove one or more files by the  pressing remove button and if you press clear list button, it will remove all items at once.

Next buttons are used to start and stop the conversion process.

As far as WPS button is concerned, it is of no use. Actually, it’s a shortcut to reach Format factory website.

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Main Features Of Format Factory

Let’s discuss the main features of Format factory. Format Factory comes packed with 5 useful tools that come handy in converting pictures, video and audio files between various formats. You will also find a ripper tool through which you can Rip DVD to video file , Rip Music CD to audio file and more. As well as you will find a video editor with basic video editing functions.

Watch Video Guide

How To Convert Videos With Format Factory?

Let me demonstrate how to use format factory to convert video? When you click on the video section, you will see 14 pre-sets. These make the conversion process super easier, especially If you don’t have enough knowledge about computing

If you are a smart phone user and want to convert an audio video file to playback on your multimedia smart phone, then It would not be wrong to say that Pre-set named mobile device has been made especially for you. After clicking on it, Here you can see there is an option for nearly all mainstream mobile phone operating systems, Android, Apple, Nokia, Sony and Microsoft.

All you need to do is select the operating system you have and then pick your preferred resolution. You might be thinking How to use format factory to reduce the video size? It’s very easy to do.

After selecting your desired pre-set, You can reduce video size by playing with these parameters. For example, You can choose another lower sized resolution, You can trim down audio and video bit rate, you can change another audio channel to reduce the video size. As well as you can change frame rate as it helps a lot to reduce the video size.

Please keep in mind, The more you choose low parameters the more crap your converted video will be. So play carefully with parameters.

Now click OK and move towards the next step.

Here you need to locate a video to be converted by pressing add file button. You can add multiple items.

How To Use Format Factory To Add Subtitles?

I forgot to tell you how to use format factory to add subtitles?

Before clicking OK button, Go inside output setting.

Drop down additional subtitle menu and click here to select a subtitle file from hard drive.

As you can see, you can also put images, watermarks to video and rotate, mirror and deinterlace a video as well.

Select your desired file and click OK button.

Click start button to start the conversion process. You can stop or pause conversion session at any time.

Click on output folder to reach the converted video.

Audio section lets you convert an audio file into another audio format and convert a video into an audio format. Best for smart phone, MP3 player and other multimedia device users. You can apply the same practice in the Audio section.

Click on your preferred audio format and then select an audio or video to be converted.

You can also reduce or increase the audio quality by using the profile option or playing with the parameters. It depends on your resourcefulness. How you use it.

Now click OK And start the conversion process.

Image Converter

The next section is image converter through which you can convert a picture into 8 most used and mainstream formats.

Click on your desired image format.

on the next Window, click add file button to select an image to be converted.

By digging into output setting, you can reduce the image quality, trim down the resolution, insert tags. And you can also put a watermark on images, you can put only an image as a watermark. Let me show you how to put watermark using format factory?

After adding the file, click output setting, You will find the watermark option at the bottom.

Select it. Browse an image to put on your desired picture as a watermark.

After choosing everything as per your needs, click OK

Click start to convert it. that’s all.

DVD Tools

Now a bit about ROM device DVD, CD ISO section in format factory. This section helps you Rip DVD to video file, Rip Music CD to audio file, DVD to ISO CSO.

The ISO, CSO option lets you compress ISO, CSO file formats.

To compress, ISO CSO, Click Add file and select an ISO or CSO file to be compressed.

Set your preferred compression level and then Click OK and start the compressing process.

You are done.

Basic Video Editings Tools

At the end, Let’s move towards its Advanced option that contains video and audio joiner, rename, Mux and media file info.

You can use video and audio joiner to merge a video or audio clip in one piece. You can merge multiple video or audio clips in one piece.

Let’s see how to use audio or video joiner in format factory?

Let’s start with video joiner. Click add file button to select your desired video clips.

If you want to reduce the quality or size then you can use setting option to do so.

Choose your preferred output format and Click OK to start the process.

Audio joiner. Click add file button to select your desired audio clips.

If you want to reduce the quality or size then you can use setting option to do so.

Click OK to start the process.

Choose your preferred output format and Click OK to start the process.

We can use rename option to rename multiple files at once.

MUX option lets add or change background audio in a video file.

Media file info feature can be used to see or copy to clipboard file information of any file.

Final Words

I hope my respected subscribers found today’s  tutorial helpful to understand how to use Format Factory? If I could not explain anything properly, then please let me know using the comment section, I will try my level best to guide you.

Thank you so much for watching my videos and your continuous support. And don’t forget to subscribe me.


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