How To Use Revo Uninstaller To Remove Software/Stubborn Programs/Leftover?

Revo Uninstaller is a crucial tool for your Windows PC. If you haven’t used it, you’re missing out on a powerful software that can significantly improve your PC’s performance. While its primary function is safely uninstalling unnecessary software and removing leftover files like registry items, directories, and temporary data quickly and effortlessly, Revo Uninstaller offers much more. Packed with features like Autorun manager, Junk file cleaner, Browser cleaner, Evidence remover, Unrecoverable delete, and more, it’s not just an uninstaller but a comprehensive PC maintenance and optimization solution.

I’ve crafted a comprehensive Revo Uninstaller video guide, acknowledging its popularity. This guide delves into the intricacies of utilizing Revo Uninstaller effectively. Whether you’re a seasoned user or new to this software, you’ll uncover hidden features that may have escaped your notice.

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Let’s explore the full potential of Revo Uninstaller.

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Is Revo Uninstaller Free?

Before delving into the Revo Uninstaller tutorial, it’s essential to note that Revo Uninstaller is offered in both freeware and paid versions. The Pro edition of Revo Uninstaller includes extra features compared to the free version.

Download Revo Uninstaller

You can download free version and free 30-days trial of Revo Uninstaller pro from here.

The User Interface Of Revo Uninstaller

After opening it up, Here you can see, there are 6 tools (it could be different in the version you have) under menu section. Uninstaller, Windows Apps, Browser extensions, Hunter Mode, and others.

Windows Apps is specifically designed for uninstalling apps and games on Windows 10 and Windows 11.
Tools has additional useful tools like Autorun manager, Evidence remover, Junk cleaner and others.

How To Use Revo Uninstaller To Unstall Software?

Uninstaller tab is its primary tab, Click on your software that you want to uninstall and choose your preferred command, Uninstall, quick uninstall, forced uninstall to remove the stubborn kind of programs and change or repair.

There is a difference between Revo Uninstaller free and pro versions. In Revo Uninstaller Pro, You find the Force Uninstall option. Force Uninstall in Revo Uninstaller Pro removes programs not listed among installed ones or leftovers from previously uninstalled programs.

If you’ve installed a bundle of programs and struggle to locate the software you want to uninstall, a search bar can quickly help you find your desired program.

I hope you’ve grasped Revo Uninstaller’s interface. Now, let’s explore how to uninstall a standard or stubborn program using Revo Uninstaller.

All installed programs are displayed under Uninstaller. Select the software to uninstall, then choose either ‘uninstall’ or ‘force uninstall’. If you select ‘uninstall’, Revo Uninstaller first uses the Windows default utility to uninstall the software.

After that, it scans for harmful leftovers and garbage in three modes: safe, moderate, and advanced. I recommend the advanced mode. Let’s see how it works.

After performing the installation process using Windows native utility, Check advanced option and click scan button to detect potential leftovers.

As you can see, Revo Uninstaller has detected registry items. Now, All you need to do is click select all, then click delete in order to remove registry items.

After this, You need to click next button.

In the following window, Revo Uninstaller will display remaining files and folders. To remove them, simply click ‘Select All’ and then ‘Delete’.

Congratulation, You have successfully uninstalled your desired software along harmful leftovers.

What Is Hunter Mode In Revo Uninstaller Pro?

Let me show you What exactly is Revo Uninstaller Pro’s Hunter Mode? While some may find it less useful, it’s worth mentioning that Revo Uninstaller Pro’s Hunter Mode can be considered a fun feature.

When you click on Hunter mode, Revo Uninstaller disappears, replaced by a rifle’s crosshairs. You can drag it onto a sotware located on quick launch, taskbar, or desktop icon and it reveals a context menu with 8 options: Uninstall, Stop Autostart, Kill Process, Kill and Delete Process (for unresponsive software/services), Open Containing Folder, Search Google for, Properties, and Cancel.

If you are not pleased with it, No problem, You can close it anytime by right-clicking upon it and choosing exit button and come back to the main interface.

There are two praiseworthy tools inside tools tab in addition to cleaning tools. AutoRun manager to enable and disable any startup item to make your Windows PC boot faster and Unrecoverable delete to permanently delete private data from hard drive, memory card, USB pen drive, external storage devices and recycle bin, Even a data recovery software cannot recover. But be careful while using Unrecoverable delete tool. You may loss your data permanently.

I forgot to mention another very useful tool called the backup manager. It is for those, whose question, is Revo Uninstaller safe? Using backup manager, you can restore registry files of any uninstalled software at any time, If anything goes wrong. Please, Do not skip full registry backup while uninstalling a software to get advantage of backup manager tool.

Final Words

So, This was today’s guide on How to use Revo Uninstaller to uninstall a program and get rid of harmful leftovers? I hope, it’s been helpful and useful to our subscribers.

If I could not explain anything about Revo Uninstaller, then, Please do let me know using the comment section, I will try my level best to solve your problem. Stay blessed and stay tuned.


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