How To Install ISO Files On Windows 7 Without Burning ISO File Extractor ISO/File Mounter

In today’s tutorial, Team Simple Tutorials will teach you How to install software and games from ISO image files without having to burn to CD, DVD or Blu Ray disks. By following this video, You can open, delete, see and extract content of an ISO image file. Though This video has specifically been made for Windows 7 users, But It’s still useful for the users of Windows XP, Windows 8 and Windows 10.


Windows 7 does not have a native image file processing tool. In simple words, You can’t extract and mount ISO image files in Windows 7. You have no choice but to use third party image file processing tools If You don’t want to burn desired ISO image files to DVD disks.


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Available Options


Mounting ISO Files


There are 2 ways to use data packed in ISO files without burning. First one is mounting, We can mount an ISO file to a virtual DVD drive to install software or games, watch videos, photos and other purposes.


Mounting is a very quick way, All you need to do is mount the ISO image file to virtual CD or DVD drive for software or games installation and see other types of data.


ISO IMG File Extraction


The second option is data extraction. You can extract data from ISO images. In addition to additional disk space, ISO image extraction may take a while depending on the type and size of data.



Use WinRar



WinRar is a very popular file archiver utility for Windows. It would be no exaggeration to say that It is installed on nearly all Windows powered computers.



Download WinRar



Click here to download WinRar and then install.



How To Use WinRar?



Without burning to DVD, WinRar can be used to open, delete, see and extract content of ISO image files.


All you have to do is right click on your desired ISO image and open it with WinRar.


You can now delete and extract a single file or all files.


To extract, Click extract button.


Select the location where you want to copy or extract data of the ISO image. You can also drag and drop.



Use PowerISO



We can also use an image file processing tool If you don’t like to use WinRar or other such programs.


There is a huge list of image file processing programs You can use on Windows 7 to mount ISO image files. We would like to suggest you to use PowerISO.


Although PowerISO is a paid software But Its free trial is enough to meet your requirements. In free trial, You are not allowed to create or edit ISO images more than 300MBs.



Download PowerISO



Click here to download PowerISO.


After download, Install PowerISO. Pay close attention while installation to avoid bloatware or unwanted programs.



How To Use PowerISO?



After install PowerISO, We now need to configure virtual drive. Right click on an ISO image file.


Hover your mouse over PowerISO drop down menu.


Hover your mouse over set number of drives.


Choose how many virtual drives Do you need.


You now need to restart your computer for the changes to take effect.


After restart, Right click on an ISO image file and mount to virtual drive.


You can now install software, games, delete, copy your desired files and whatever you want. The only downside is that you can only edit ISO images less than 300MB.


We do hope You find this article informative and useful. Please use the comment section to contact us If you run into any problem or If We could not explain anything properly. You can also use the comment section for feedback and precious suggestions.


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