How To ReInstall/Install Windows 7 Without DVD/Bootable USB/Data Loss?

On a computer, Netbook, Notebook, or laptop with no DVD drive, you can easily install Windows 7 from a USB drive.

The process is pretty easy to carry out. Download the ISO image file of Windows 7 or any other Windows version, Make a bootable USB and start installing Windows.

But what If USB ports are not working, and on top of that you don’t have a USB pen drive to install Windows 7 or any of other Windows versions.

We have also gone through this terrible situation When you become helpless and clueless.

But fortunately, We managed to find a solution to this annoying problem after some research and In today’s tutorial, We are going to share the solution with you.

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How Do I Install Windows Without A DVD, Or Bootable USB?

This method turns a hard drive partition into a bootable USB or installation DVD. And the best thing is that You have all the options you may find in a bootable USB or DVD, Such as you can create new partitions, partition other hard discs, format any preferred partition and you will not lose any data If you stick to the instructions.

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But the downside of this method is that You need to have already installed a Windows version such as Windows 7, 8, or Windows 10.

Right now We are doing it on Windows 7, But You can do it on any Windows version.

Preprations Before Windows 7 Installation Without A DVD Or USB Flash

A bit about what to do before you start installing Windows 7?

Backup or move your important data from Drive C to any other preferred partition or external storage device.

Note down product keys of your copy of Windows and other installed programs. You may use a key finder software to find product, license, serial keys.

Make sure you have downloaded all necessary drivers specifically Ethernet and WiFi network adapter drivers for Windows 7.


There are four necessary things You need to bring to the table.

The ISO image file of Windows 7.

A free-to-use bootloader modification tool EasyBCD.

Any free-to-use file extraction software such as 7Zip, Winrar, etc.

A partition with 4GB free disk space.

Download Windows 7 ISO Image File

Follow this tutorial on downloading Windows 7 ISO Image file. (Update – this method is not working)

Download WinRar

Download WinRar from here and install.

Download EasyBCD

Download EasyBCD from here and install.

How To Create A New Partition?

Creating New Partition And Formatting Is Unnecessary. Watch the video tutorial on how to create a new partition.

We now need to prepare a hard drive partition with at least 4GB of free space.

Although many suggest shrinking a partition and then create a new one, I personally consider it unnecessary. I strongly recommend not to mess with your hard drive.

You may lose your data even If you are an expert.  I have also gone through this terrible situation multiple times while testing softwares.

We have chosen Drive D for this purpose and I am not going to format it and delete anything stored here.

How To Extract Windows 7 ISO Image?

Now extract Windows 7 ISO image using WinRar into your preferred partition. Do not put extracted data into a folder. Just extract it into your preferred partition.

How To Use EasyBCD?

Now launch EasyBCD.

Click add the new entry.

In the Portable / External Media section, Click on WinPe tab.

Click this icon and navigate to the partition where you’ve extracted the ISO image.

Double click on the source folder.

Select Boot.Wim and click open.

You may give it a name as well.

Check EMS Enabled and click add entry.

Restart Your PC

Close EasyBCD and restart your PC to kick start the installation process.

Boot the second option from Windows boot manager.

How To Install Windows 7 Without A DVD/USB Pen Drive?

You can now start installing Windows 7.

Click drive options advanced If you want to format the partition where you want to install Windows 7. Watch the video tutorial.

Congratulations, We’ve successfully installed Windows 7 without a DVD or bootable USB.

Bonus Tip – You may now install drivers, programs and make your preferred settings. You may follow this tutorial on How Do I Find Best Sound Drivers For Windows 7?

How To Remove WinPe Entry?

As well as you now need to remove WinPe entry from the boot menu.

Open up EasyBCD.

Click Edit boot menu and delete WinPe entry We added earlier.

Final Words

We’ve tried my best to explain everything very well, but if you still have questions or encounter problems, please let me know using the comment section, We’ll try to help you resolve your problem.

Stay tuned, stay blessed, and don’t forget to like, subscribe, comment, and share.


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