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How To Integrate IDM With Microsoft Edge Chromium In Windows 10

In this tutorial, I will be sharing a workaround through which You can make Internet Download Manager functional in Microsoft Edge Chromium for YouTube and other video sharing websites.



What Is Microsoft Edge Chromium?



I don’t know what is the official name of Microsoft Chromium based web browser, But for now, It is called Microsoft Edge Chromium. A leaked and portable copy of Microsoft Edge Chromium is being shared on file sharing websites.



Don’t Install Fake IDM Integration Module Extensions



The Chrome web store is filled with fake IDM integration module extensions. Official website warns its users not to trust these Chrome extensions.

Microsoft has recently launched a dedicated extensions store like Chrome web store for the new web browser. Even You can find fake IDM integration module extensions on this store.



Trusted Source To Get IDM Integration Module Extension?



The IDM integration module extension cannot be searched on the Chrome web store. The only trusted source to download IDM integration module extension is its official website.



There Is No IDM Extension For Microsoft Edge Chromium



As of now, People behind IDM have not launched an integration module extension for Microsoft Edge Chromium.


Watch Video Tutorial


Microsoft Edge Chromium Supports Chrome Extensions



One of best and prominent functions provided by Microsoft in Microsoft Edge Chromium is support of Chrome extension installation.

You can install IDM integration module extension for Google Chrome to make IDM functional in Microsoft Edge Chromium for YouTube and other video sharing websites.



Turn On Allow Extensions From Other Stores



First of all, We need to turn on an option named Allow extensions from other stores. Click on settings button with horizontal ellipsis symbol.

Click Extensions.

You will find this option on left down side in Microsoft Edge Chromium . Turn it on and move to the next step.



IDM Integration Module Extension Link



Go to the IDM website to get Chrome web store link to install IDM integration module extension. (IDM Website Link) (Direct Chrome Store Link)

Click Add to Chrome

Click add extension.

Installation is now complete and It’s ready to use.



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